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This has awesome written all over it! Art director and graphic designer Koji Iyama has started these installations across the Japan's countryside promoting masking tape and all the wonderful things you can do with it. With the big movement of wasbi tape on anything and everything craft, it looks as if big brother masking tape is taking things to a whole new level, yah!  We are in awe Koji, bravo.

Enjoy more on this project over at My Modern Met!  Follow him on Twitter @iyamadesign.


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We sure got excited when we saw that Fifiduvie had added some new fun items in her store. Now you can get totes, pouches, stationary and prints, oh my! Aren't you just in love with the new fresh palette and glittery gold she is creating in?


Pick your favorite and get it here!

1) "forever yes, please" Print ($30)

2) Dot Zipper Pouch ($18)

3) "I AM PUBLIC ART" Tote ($25)

4) Heart of Gold Screen Printed Poster ($20)

5) "savor sparkle...

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Los Angeles based food blogger Julie Lee likes to document her culinary adventures and farmers market travels with her iPhone 5 and Canon...

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Get your neon heart on, with this awesome print by designer Conlab!

Buy it HERE, follow her HERE and be friends HERE!


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Spanish designer Mazimo Riera is an artist that has been practicing his craft for over thirty years in the mediums of painting, photography, poetry and sculpture. The Animal Chair Collection includes a range of species, from sea life to reptiles and even two of the big five. You can find these sleek furniture and sexy pieces mimicking a toad, whale, octopus, walrus, rhino, elephant and a beetle. Created by a CNC (computer numerical control) machine with the assistance of JH May, a high-tach manufacturing company in England. The 3D sketches are interpreted and reproduced then the image is cut to a precise replica of the original design from compressed foam blocks, then assembled, glued, sanded and painted by hand. We are huge fans, I mean who wouldn't want the...

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"One for you, One for me" Giveaway

In-Betweener Season: the awkward time between Winter and Spring or Summer and Fall where you don't quite know what to wear. You end up putting on multiple layers, carrying around an umbrella in your bag, as well as rainboots in the car.. and.. you don't quite know if it will be too warm for the awesome knit cowl/scarf you got at Christmas. Thus, the "inbetweener cowl". Its unofficially official. Comes in four colors frost, seafoam, grey fog and slate and two styles. Straight-up or Twisted. Both infinity cowls but 'twisted' has a twist in it. All made from a super-light warm wool that drapes beautifully over or under your coat.

To launch this unofficial official cowl, Make More Happy is giving away two of these...

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Yep, that's right, this pretty little lady is all your's this evening. For one night only, pop in to say hello at 55 Water Street #605 in Gastown and see Zoe Pawlak's new work called "At the Edge of Distraction," from 6pm to 9pm. You won't want to miss it!

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Makers Gotta Meet! 

We couldn't agree more and are thrilled to hear about a new venture that Sandra from Raincoast Cottage is starting.  As 2013 reared its head, Sandra made her manifesto for the year and it's something we can all enjoy and learn from.  


Here's the basics:

- we all need to create

- we are best inspired by many different art forms

- we need community

- people need to experience the arts together


(*read the full manifesto HERE)


An idea that she has had for quite some time has finally blossomed, and we're delighted to present...

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These beautiful dreamlike landscapes cut out of paper are created by French designer Maud Vantours. With big clients like Yves Saint Laurent and Lancome we are sure to see more wonderful multicoloured sculptures from Maud. The 3D paper sculptures are part of one of her series she has created, but you must check out all of her work, which include an accessory line of iphone cases and handbags.

We love your work Maud!

(all photos are from

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There it is artists and designers, the color of the year for 2013 is Emerald green! Are you ready to start creating around this color? We wanna hear what you think, do you love this color, yah or nay?

Check out the PANTONE site for swag you can sport for the new year!

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