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We have some really exciting news to you tell you about, if you haven't already caught wind on social media!  Cargoh is moving from behind the computer screen and popping out into the real world. That's right we're in the process of creating our very first Pop Up Shop! This summer we'll be launching "Gather" in the heart of Gastown July 27, 28, & 29th! This is where Cargoh was born so we feel like this is the best place to kick off the unforgettable 3 days we have planned.

Applications are now being accepted from artists and designers for what will be this summer's hottest shopping and community get-to-gather event. Located in one of Vancouver's most popular venues, you can expect everything from fashion to food, popsicles to pottery, music to mixology.  Deadlines for...

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Forums stay! Thanks for all the feedback on the topic of whether or not to keep the forums. We have changed them a little bit to avoid all the spam that we were getting. Effing spammers!!

So the deal is, only approved sellers will be abe to post in the forums from now on. It will continue to be a great place for sellers to help other sellers, and to discuss topics relating to selling, owning a Cargoh store, or whether to grab a beer after work. 

The Cargoh staff will be checking in on the forums from time to time, but we will not be super active here. If anyone has immediate concerns, questions that need answering, or just want to say hi, email us at [email protected] or share some love on Twitter or Facebook. We are always happy to help out!

So take that spammers! 

And thanks again for all the feedback. We love that we...

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When Paul and Cariann (they run this place) first told me their plans for Cargoh, so much of what they had to say went beyond the marketplace, and centered around this idea of community and fostering support and collaboration across the arts.   Well, Sue and Colette are sisters, so Cargoh doesn't get to take credit for introducing them, but that doesn't make their work together any less inspiring, or Cargoh-y.   (We have to come up with a better word for that. Cargosh? Cargosher? Cargohque? I'm taking ideas.  Please.) 

Colette makes prints.   (Actually, I'm pretty sure she's invented her whole own style of print making...and it's super freaking cool.)    Sue makes jewelry.   (Also in her own totally unique way. ...

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Hi All, 

Just so you all know, we will be doing some scheduled maintenance and updating a couple features tonight between the hours of 12 midnight and 3am PST. 

We are hoping that when we come back, we will have some exciting things to show you! 

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].


The Cargoh Team

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Hi Everyone, 

When we came up with the concept for cargoh, we never saw ourselves as competition for the other marketplaces out there. So many sites do such an amazing job at what they do in their markets, I'm looking at you Big E, and we never really had the intention of trying to take that away. What we are trying to do, is create something similar for the indie art and design community. Now, what the hell does that mean? Well, it's really hard to explain. So instead of trying, we decided to do something else.

As of right now, will be a carefully curated/juried marketplace of sellers that are pushing the envelope in their fields, including, but certainly not limited to art, design, film, photography, fashion, accessories........the list really goes on forever. Our goal is to become the #1 selling and shopping destination for emerging artistic talents on the web. Good design is really undefinable. So our team at cargoh will do the best to search out...

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I read this yesterday:

"The demands of day-to-day living are in constant conflict with the pursuit of passions. War is being waged on our time and our energy. We multitask. We prioritze. But we are losing the battle. More often than not, those aspects of our lives that we cherish, that define us as individuals, lost out to the demands of modern life." - our mission is to assist in the battle to pursue passions!

Pretty powerful stuff. Makes you think doesn't it. How many tomorrow's do we all really have left to do the things we really want. At cargoh, we encourage require people to indulge, if even for a moment, their inner child. It is the life blood of the soul! Seriously! Do one thing every day that makes that kid in you giggle uncontrollably!!

So, this morning, under the heavy smoke of the summer forest fires, I took my camera and walked around my neighborhood. I only took a few photos, and they are nothing short of average, but...

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Hi everyone!
Hope things are well out there in the big bad world.....?
Over the past couple months here at Cargoh, we have been going through what we have been calling our "proof of concept" stage. This is the stage in our young business where we discover what people want, what people need and what is best, not only for our business, but for the community involved. We have been getting an incredible amount of feedback. Mostly positive, some negative and some constructive. We listen to it all. And in the process of listening to it all, we have come up with a few fundamental changes to our model.
Disclaimer: If you have already signed up for the site, the only fees you will ever pay will be the 3.5% transaction fee. We will never change that for our orignal sellers.
A couple key things have happened in the past couple months:

  1. We have built up a community of almost 500 sellers.
  2. ...
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All you photographers out there......listen up! Our good friends over at "This is East Van" are changing the game with their new community photography project. "This is East Van" is a community photo project that aims to collect photos from local photographers and compile them in a self published book that captures what's happening in the most vibrant corner of Vancouver right now! THIS IS EAST VAN BITCHES!!


We had a chance to catch up with Erin and Jason, and ask them a few questions about their newest hustle!

Cargoh: So, tell us a little bit about your project?

Erin:  (After a little deliberation about who is going to answer the first question..)"This is East Van" is a community photo project that Jason and I put out into the world using social media tools like twitter and facebook almost 3 weeks...

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Remember when we said we were working on a couple things, well, we were serious! So, we are going to be making some changes tonight, between Midnight and 3AM PST. We will be uploading the changes to the blog that we mentioned, and doing some regular maintenance.
We can't wait to show you a couple big changes. 
The Cargoh Team

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Hi ya'll, 

So far we have been using a tool that allows users to get in contact with us through a button on our site, but we have been feeling like we want to engage even further. We want to be able to create conversations with our users. We are committed to listening very carefully to our users so that we build a community that is essentially built on the suggestions, ideas, and comments of the people that use the site. 

So, using the wonderful tools provided by our friends over at Get Satisfaction we have created our very our Customer Satisfaction Community. So, come and check it out, leave a suggestion, and idea, a comment, or let us know what we are doing right - we always like that!

Our team is small, but super passionate about what we are trying to do. We don't have giant offices, we don't have hundreds of nerds locked up in a closet cranking out code...

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