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As the digital world takes over, more and more options are becoming available to artists and designers through technology to take their ideas and transform them onto multiple surfaces.  Today we introduce the lovely and fashionable designs from Gina Michele. You can see she has taken all those majestic images you love lurking around Pinterest, and has turned them into a wearable art form, pretty darn smart right!  We are totally digging the shops new designs!

1) "Oil Spill” Digital printed silk with image of an oil spill, from Italy
2) "Tahitian Sun” Digital printed rayon/spandex
3) "...

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Yeonju Sung is an amazing fine art photographer that lives and works in Seoul, but her works are shown all over the world.  In this exhibition called "Wearable Foods" outfits are created out of none other than your daily fruits and veggies and then photographed...

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Watch out fashion world, Jillian Zdunich is about to make some waves.  The Vancouver based fashion designer is fresh out of...

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No, like really.   Eunsuk Hur brings literal meaning to the phrase with her hyrbids of wall-art and wear-art, where the model essentially becomes part of her piece.   It's pretty amazing...from her materials to her installations, there's an ethereal, almost preternatural feeling to her work that is just freaking breathtaking.  In addition to her installed pieces ~ the PHD candidate (I know, right?) designs everything from interiors to outerwear creating visual experiences out of an eclectic mix of textile, leather, wood, and felt {to name a few.}  

A woman of many talents, she illustrates, she sews, and she utilizes laser-cutting...which is pretty badass.

And I really want this bag....

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Their story is a modern version of a classic fashion fairytale.


If the names Garance Dore and Scott Schuman are not yet familiar to you, you must not be aware of the powerful force and inspiration that is street style.  Perhaps, you don't own a computer?   Maybe your internet's been on the fritz since 2003?

The pair each author a blog which currently dominates the growing online fashion community - each of them known far across the internet, allowing them to follow each others blogs long before ever meeting face to face.  Still...from opposite sides of the Atlantic they admired one another through their laptop screens.   Eventually, they met at a place where only two successful fashion bloggers could ever meet – Paris fashion week.   They became fast...

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Anyone fashion obsessed can vouch, there's nothing better than stumbling across a new line to lust after.  So when I recently came across MINK PINK for the first time, I felt totally justified completely flipping my lid.

The Australian brand was created back in 2005 and their stylish pieces inspired by street style, vintage find and current designer trends.  I'm absolutely head over heels for how indie and edgy their collections are; bohemian chic has never looked so good.

Says MINK PINK - "Each piece is designed with the everyday fashionista in mind - aiming to be fit friendly and work back with an existing wardrobe to create individual style."

MINK PINK is being...

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