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So I know all of us have been on a kumbaya-yay-for-alt-summit kick here lately, but it's only because it was a weekend full of people like us who make their living doing what they love, and loving what they do, and for Paul, Cariann, my hubby Scott and I, that was just beyond the most inspiring thing ever.   BEYOND THE MOST INSPIRING THING EVER, YOU GUYS.   That is a whole lot of inspiration.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting to sit in on a session on community where The Jealous Curator was a panelist.   Until that morning, she'd been anonymous.   As she flipped through her (incredibly well designed) presentation, she revealed only her first name: Danielle, explaining that she was an artist herself and didn't want her worlds as artist and curator to collide.  And so semi-anonymous she remained.

Until yesterday that is.  ...

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This short, THE DEEP by PES is probably one of the coolest pieces of stop-motion-anything I've seen all ever.


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Nearly 20 years raging against the British government with his activist artwork, and the dude's indentity is still unconfirmed.  {Pretty well guessed at, sure, but still.)    But it's not the legend of Banksy that captivates me, so much as the crazy-ass talent that lies behind the man behind the mask.

Like...he's got work like this:

Which is heartwrenching, and thought provoking, and all that stuff, while still managing to be covert street-art.    But then there's this:

Which, okay  - is like an indoor extension of his outdoor work.   But then there's this:


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London-based designers, lovebirds, and purveyors of beautiful prints for the home, Hayley Thwaites & Lucas Lepola, stole my heart when I spotted their simple-yet-stunning ALPHABET BAGS and fell madly madly head of heels, top of my holiday wish list in love with their typography-worshiping satchels.

That's their Alphabet Purse, up above.   Carry it, or buy a bunch and put them on a shelf to spell out a message. (How cool would that be as a sign in your boutique or in a girlie dressing room?)

I'm a total sucker for anything gold lame, so I'm probably going to need ten or twelve of these:

And they bring the fun and whimsy of their brilliantly curated print shop...

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So if the theme of the week is collaboration (which it is, and can you tell that Sesame Street has recently re-entered my life?) then Elliot From fits right in.   He's a performance artist in the truest, most literal sense of the word - the self-described "speed painter" creates large-scale, kick ass pop art exhibitions while bands play live and audiences look on.   And the stuff is good.   Like, take-it-home-and-hang-it-in-your-living-room-before-your-champagne-buzz-has-even-worn-off good.    Like, he's raised over 50k for charities this year alone by letting people watch him paint.    

And he is damn fast.  And good.  I couldn't find any videos of him really in action with the live music and the whole shebang, but I'd still say this video is well worth a watch if process fascinates you like it does me.   Which it does, obviously, since I make you guys listen to me drone...

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This Is It Collective is a group of artists in London who work all together and yet totally separately.  (Which, if I can be cheesy and personal for a second, is one of the things that makes me love art.   Creating with other people is the bomb.)  This Is It is pretty vague about who does what, but the end result of the video-meets-perforamance art piece "Bad Things That Could Happen" will knock your freaking socks off.   And if you're not wearing socks, you might want to put some on, because it's so awesome it might knock your toenails off, and that seems like it would be pretty painful.

You can learn more about what they do, check out their exhibits, and get a small glimpse inside those strange creative minds on the group's...

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This is seriously the greatest Mashup I've ever heard.  My friend Alex played it for me last night, and I've become obsessed.   It's the creation of the French Frankenstein of Music Mike Yung (aka MIGHTY MIKE) ~ one of just over a hundred that he's done over the past ten years.   This one is hands down my favorite, but check out his blog for some other freaking amazing, totally-listenable-but-still-novel-at-a-party mixes.  

Mighty Mike's Blog in English

Mighty Mike's Blog in French

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This is totally incredible.   Completely freehand.   Check it out.   And then when you're done, go check out [artist] Luca Barcellona's flickr stream and further solidify for yourself how insanely talented he is.

{via The Lame Sauce}

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There is so much good stuff happening here I can't figure out which thing I want to tell you guys about the most.   First of all, we've got these eight awesome indie pop/rockers donating their time and talents to second of all,  which is an album of so-catchy-you-should-go-out-and-buy-it-even-if-you-don't-have-kids children's songs called DO FUN STUFF which benefits the third of all, which is Smith Magenis Syndrome, an-entirely-under-studied developmental disorder, put together by fourth of all, which is photographer, blogger, and all around internet heartthrob extraordinaire, Ryan Marshall.

Which brings me to fifth of all,  which is the freaking amazing maternity series Ryan...

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Cindy Steiler learned the art of handmade from her shop's namesource - her paternal Grandmother, Mary.   Today, she's honed the skills her grandmother passed down to create stunning, vintage-inspired, mixed-media, surrealist needlepoints that have the rare ability to disturb and delight their viewer all at once.  {At least, this viewer.  The repurposed [not to mention exhumed] antique German doll parts really freak me out.  In the good way.}

Steiler uses homespun 100-year-old linen as her canvas, and has a distintive almost illiustration-like vibe to her hand-stitched characters ~ giving her body of work a signature style, despite the fact that no two pieces are the same.   Really beautiful stuff.

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