this side up.


AZEK New York City Subway Trian graffiti

Original NYC Subway Notice


6 Throwies

Block Letters


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Guess what? It is that awesomeal time of the week when we choose one artist and throw a bunch of questions out of the Cargoh hat. Yes, it is indeed time for #Friday Feature.

This time we have selected Mr. Jesse Kuhn from Rawtoastdesign. So buckle up and enjoy the ride:


#FF: Hello Jesse! Welcome to #Friday Feature. To start could you describe who you are and the essence of RawToast

Jesse: I am Jesse Aaron James Kuhn. Equal parts human and alien. Lover of pictures and unexplainable phenomena. A kid trapped in an adults body. Emperor at The Republic of Rawtoastdesign. Illustrator, designer, and wanderer of the universe.

#FF: I knew I saw a UFO a couple minutes before the interview. Jesse, could you tell us about the meaning behind the name "Rawtoast"?

Jesse: Raw Toast actually came about during a late night run to a casino diner many moons ago. It was summoned to the counter after a friend had asked for the fastest...

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