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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, that warm and fuzzy day where you yell from the rooftops.... "I love you _____!" Here are some heartfelt gifts you can to compliment that with, or maybe stay off the rooftops altogether (probably the safer bet).  


Guthrie Illustrations - Love you for like a Mile Print

Jane Wear Jewelry -  Heart Fingerprint Necklace

Letter Happy - You are my Lover Card

Dippy Lulu - Lovely Lites Matchboxes...

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This lovely little lady knows how to capture us with her words.  Christen Stang of Letterhappy creates prints and stationery with sayings to live by.  As she would say, {everybody deserves a little happy}!

Do What You Love 8x10 Print $12


The Only One for Me Card $3


Go Your Own Way 8x10 Print $12



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We're super excited that our new friends over at Wantist have sent us a list of all their favorite Valentine's Day gifts from some of our Cargoh sellers.

In a world of husband and wife teams, Jacob and Brittany are pretty much the coolest out there! Their baby, Wantist, is the absolute best way to get out of those tough gift buying binds! Need a {blank} for {blank} - no worries. Wantist has you covered!

So without further's what to buy that special someone this Valentine's Day.

We had to begin with this. It hits a special place in our hearts. It's why we do what we do. It's why we're enamored with indie makers like those here on cargoh. Loving what you do is reason enough for all the time you...

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A couple of the many new friends we made at Alt Summit, are Jacob and Brittany from Wantist. What's Wantist? Glad you asked!

Wantist takes the work out of buying gifts....for anyone! Their super slick search bar let's you specifiy the type of gift (funny, clever, quirky) and the type of person (artistic, geeky, handy) and pumps out a killer curated list of sweet gifts. It's perfect for those "I'm so easy to buy for....." types!

And what could make Wantist even awesomer? They have recently been kind enough to feature a few of our very own Cargoh sellers. Keep your eyes peeled. You might be next!

Thanks for the support guys!


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