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Nicole Balch is the founder of Making it Lovely, a design blog about living a stylish life and transforming the so-so. The site was named one of the 50 World’s Best Design Blogs by the London Times Online, and Nicole’s work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune Magazine, Time Out Chicago, Better Homes & Gardens, Everyday with Rachael Ray, , and other publications.

Nicole lives in Chicago with her husband and two young children, and she also writes for Babble, My Colortopia, and Better Homes and Gardens. She has a thing for stripes, crazy floral patterns, and the color pink.


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We think you are more than qualified to answer that question Beatriz!  Your attention to detail is amazing and it shows in very aspect of your design.  From thought to finished product, you nail it everytime!  Visit Lucky 14 Handmade's Blog and Cargoh store to see her latest creations.  You can also follow her on Faceback and Twitter and everyone's favorite, Pinterest!  Thanks Beatriz we love what you do!

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This week's Curated Collection comes from our very own family member and very talented interior designer and project manager of Linda Burger & Associates.  Michelle joined forces with her Mom in 2006 to build high end custom homes in West Vancouver, and they are absolutely stunning.  When Michelle isn't bouncing from site to site in muddy boots you can find her running marathons or the trails of beautiful British Columbia or enjoying her new hobby of taking amazing photographs.

Thanks Michelle, we LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection!

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Him and Her, true beauty at it's best!

A friendship was formed and a light went on (excuse the pun) when Franz and Rolf met.  Collectively Him and Her...

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