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How awesome is that?  Her craft found her and, even better, social media launched her brand!  That stuff really does work, and we love to hear stories like this :)  Thanks June for sharing with us, it's great you get to love what you do while making money at it.  Whistler is a magical place with tons of inspiration to pull from, and yes it's really that beautiful there!

Follow Conecktion on Facebook & Twitter and stop by the store to see her latest creations!

Happy weekend friends!

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We think you are more than qualified to answer that question Beatriz!  Your attention to detail is amazing and it shows in very aspect of your design.  From thought to finished product, you nail it everytime!  Visit Lucky 14 Handmade's Blog and Cargoh store to see her latest creations.  You can also follow her on Faceback and Twitter and everyone's favorite, Pinterest!  Thanks Beatriz we love what you do!

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Please keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter for news, events and new designs! I look forward to helping you stay warm this season, and for many seasons to come.



Sailors! If you want to get ready for this fall season go grab yourself a few goodies from Pip. Stay warm and look uber smashing, pumpkin!

And because we know Pip left you wanting more, here, go check out her Cargoh store and her awesome website, and get cozy!

Thanks Pip!


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Thanks so much Lexi!  We are super excited to have so many talented designers on Cargoh, and we are even more excited to see them grow and find amazing opportunities to boost their brands, just like you did!  From the Cargoh team - Congrats!

If you want to get a few last summer items (we still have a few weeks left of nice weather, so hurry!) check out Lexi's store Daub + Design.  You can also give her some love in her FB page and Twitter.   You can also check out her website and more details on the Mercedes-Benz contest.

Happy weekend!


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