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Stephanie and Rose, besties since high school have taken an idea they started way back in the day and with a lot of hard work and passion have created Crywolf Clothing! Really such a sweet story (you should read all about it here).  We absolutely adore the quirky and loveable creatures that these to create and think their new 2012 line is divine! 

A quote I love from these two go getters:

"A strong DIY attitude has fuelled our work ethic and been our driving force. Our inspiration comes from artists and crafts people who strive to do what they love, do it themselves, and make a living out of it." 

Don't you just want to squeeze them?  Well send them a virtual squeeze today on...

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Wow, Roshaan you are one talented lady, thanks so much for sharing so much about yourself, your process and inspiration.

Each of these pieces are beautifully designed and hand crafted with a classic mix of old and new, and we totally adore every piece in her store.  This would be a perfect gift for Father's Day coming up soon, don't you think? 

Make sure to check out Roshaan's book Simply Wood by publisher Fox Chapel Publishing.  You can also find more about Mokajade Designs on the site and the blog is updated with works in progress, it's really...

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Let me tell you a bit more about me, happy and proud founder of Rue Amandine:

A Parisian at heart
I was born in Paris 37 years ago (not so easy to find a Paris native in Paris!) and grew up in a milieu where French art de vivre is key.
I love Paris, where I have my habits but where I always keep room for surprise.
I'm the one friends and colleagues have always kept calling asking “Where could I take my parents for dinner?”, “What would you suggest for an anniversary?”, “It’s so sunny today, where can we have a brunch ?”, “Anything good being played ?”.

A “bon-vivant”:
I like going out to concerts, movies, exhibitions, partying or spending quiet times with family and friends by the fireplace or in a sunny park.
I love good food (and good wine!), either the homemade one or the one you can...

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Urban Harmonies Design definitely knows how to do lunch in style, and with the eco-friendly materials she uses you are also showing Mother Earth some love!  You want your kid to be the cool kid at the lunch table, right?  Here's your perfect opportunity.  Also a great gift for Mother's Day (yup, next Sunday), I know my mom would love one.

Check out more of Vicki's designs and fabrics choices in her Cargoh store and on her site. Also, why not make a new friend today and follow her on Twitter & Facebook!

Happy weekend...

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Wow, don't you just love her illustration and design work?  I had the pleasure of meeting this tiny little east coaster on trip she recently made to San Francisco.  We had a great afternoon together talking about life, design, family & friends while wandering through an eclectic book store, and enjoying a sunny patio.  This girl is full of inspiration, creativity and heart, and we just love her!

Thanks Meeralee for sharing your creative journey with us!  If you need any custom, one of kind work done whether it's wedding invites or a design for a tattoo, this is girl to go to.  She will walk you through the whole process.

Make sure to visit her site and blog for her latest work!  Stop by her...

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Don't you just love the aesthetic and simplicity of this beautiful home accessory line?  Each one of her products has a story behind it too. Each image has been photographed by Melanie from different trips that she has been on. As you can see from her work she is well traveled.

We couldn't be happier to have Melanie as part of the marketplace, if you haven't seen her around the site, stop by and say hi (she's brand new here), follow her on Facebook & Twitter and to see what she is working on next, check out her blog and website!


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Thanks so much Matej for sharing your secrets behind Lost In Jungle and you can bet we will be watching your illustration progress throughout the years!  I'm a huge fan of your Unseen Beauty Series, clearly they are amazing but the neon pops of color are my favorite and I'm so lucky to a proud owner of one of them! 

Check out more of the Lost In Jungle collection here, stop by the store to pick up a print and follow on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Weekend Friends! 

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And there you have it, a little inside to the Barcelona based designer.  Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.  It's so important to do what you love in life and you have given us all that reminder... you can post it on your wall in your workspace.  Get a print here in Conilab's store, check out her site and follow her on Twitter for her next heartfelt message!

Happy weekend friends :)

Post by: Gab

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Thanks Sarah for a glimpse into your feather making frenzy!  We are in love with your new feather and horse tail accessory line.  I have to admit I got a pair over a year ago and wear them almost everyday and they are so durable and still beautiful (yes, this is Cariann, would be worried if it was Paul wearing them :)

Sarah recently just joined the social media world so give her a warm web welcome by liking her Facebook page!  Check out her lovely stocked store here and her blog for up to date posts on her latest creations.

Have a great weekend everyone...

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Thanks so much to Adrienne from Arcane Arts for hanging out with us on this sunny (hopefully it's sunny where you are) Friday afternoon. If you didn't get your fill here, you can always visit her store, say hi to her on Twitter and Facebook, or leave a comment here.

Till next Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

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