this side up.


This week's Curated Collection comes from our very own family member and very talented interior designer and project manager of Linda Burger & Associates.  Michelle joined forces with her Mom in 2006 to build high end custom homes in West Vancouver, and they are absolutely stunning.  When Michelle isn't bouncing from site to site in muddy boots you can find her running marathons or the trails of beautiful British Columbia or enjoying her new hobby of taking amazing photographs.

Thanks Michelle, we LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection!

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Thank you Anna!


Take a visit to Anna's Cargoh store, become friends on Facebook and Twitter and stop by her cute website to see more of her great designs we know you will fall in love with.


Happy Friday Everyone!


- Gab


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We are super excited to announce a NEW FEATURE we will be sharing weekly....Drum roll please.... get ready!!!!  Cha-ching!  Curated Collections from todays tastemakers, designers and bloggers that we love.  Follow us weekly to see who is curating the next collection of Cargoh goods. 

For the launch of the Curated Collections we have been lucky enough to have the lovely and talented Erin Loechner from Design for Mankind curate a collection she calls 'Erin-Approved & Highly Desired'.  To see her awesome collection click here!

Designers featured in...

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 If you'd like to check out some of Scott's designs visit his Cargoh Store

Also Scott will be showing his beautiful work over at the Queen West Artcrawl Outdoor Show and he'll be participating in the One of a Kind Show this Christmas. Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter to see latest updates on his designs and check out his website.

Thanks so much for your time Scott!  We'll be watching your work...pun intended! bam!

If you'd like to be featured on our 3X3 series, send us a tweet or email us at [email protected]

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Thanks so much Lexi!  We are super excited to have so many talented designers on Cargoh, and we are even more excited to see them grow and find amazing opportunities to boost their brands, just like you did!  From the Cargoh team - Congrats!

If you want to get a few last summer items (we still have a few weeks left of nice weather, so hurry!) check out Lexi's store Daub + Design.  You can also give her some love in her FB page and Twitter.   You can also check out her website and more details on the Mercedes-Benz contest.

Happy weekend!


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Thanks so much Alex for letting us take a peak into your artistic world :)


Visit Alex on the online at the links below:


Type A Calligraphy Store

Alex's Twitter

Alex's Website

Alex's Blog 


She is also a writer over at BlogHer check out awesome posts here and...

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Thanks so much Erin for taking some time to chat with us, it was great to get know more about you.


Connect with Erin with the links below:


La La Terrariums Store

Erin's Twitter


This Is East Van Website

This Is East Van Twitter

This Is East Van Facebook


(Interested in being a featured 3x3 artist?  Email us at [email protected] to discuss. 

Come on we know you wanna!)




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Are you looking for inspiration? And possibly a bit of a tan? Oh do we have something for you! Our good friend Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator has teamed up with Angela Ritchie's Ace Camp to bring you a weekend filled with creative inspiration, a few cocktails and some poolside fun!


If you don't know the Ace Camp series, you can learn all about it here. We were part of the last one in Portland and let's just say we came back full of inspiration, creative ideas and a wonderful new group of supportive friends!



If your bags aren't already packed and at the door ready to go, here's a little more convincing... check out this awesome...

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It's that time of year again! The time of year when the Make it Show rolls back into town and brings some of the best local designers together in a room, and open the doors to thousands of hungry shoppers. It truly is an amazing show. Wonderfully curated to bring you only the best in independent design. Marry that with a nice glass of wine, and some good music, and you have a brilliant shopping experience.


We will be there all weekend so please come and say hi! We will have some great stuff for you. 


Check out some of the awesome Make It Show exhibitors and Cargoh family:


1. Conecktion

2. Daub and Design


4. Kukubee


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Todd Bieber (no relation to Justin ~ although I'm sure that's the first time he has heard that) became obsessed with increasing his sense of adventure. So one day after the NYC blizzard, he decided to strap on his old cross country skis and tripped around the city with his camera.

He found an old 35mm film canister, with a roll of film in it, and decided to try and find the rightful owner. So he made a film, stuck it on Youtube and set out to find the people behind the lens of these (actually really good)!

{There is some speculation that this is a made up film by writer and UCB director Todd Bieber ~ but we're just going to go ahead and ignore that, because, well, because we can!}


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