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Regan is the mother of twins, wife, and lover of all things design. She believes that organic textures, graphic patterns, and playful, yet artful designs are what create a cohesive, classic yet comfortable environment. Her current obsession: my 102 year old home. She is  sister to a cartoonist and architect; daughter to an artist; granddaughter to a seamstress and aeronautical engineer; and niece to a graphic designer, she was destined for design. Regan LOVES what she does and loves her clients.

This sweet mama of twins and interior design diva currently resides in Austin, Texas.  I had the...

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Today's collection, called Modern Home and Lifestyle, comes from incredibly talented and extremely well-respected Interior Designer Gaile Guevara.  This lady has some mad skills! She designs custom contemporary spaces for clients, and we know from experience that her kitchens are world class! She lives her life with a certain design aesthetic that very few people can pull off and she does it in style.  Interior Designer by day and photographer by night, we're pretty sure you'll be as impressed with her work (and collection) as we are!

Gaile's photography site and blog!...

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