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Jan 25

Altsummit - from a guy's perspective!

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I am going to start this off by saying that Alt Summit was one of the most surprising and inspirational experiences we have ever had! But it didn't start that way. Our trip to Salt Lake City was a last minute decision based mostly around hooking up with our good friend The 818 and her hubby (co-founder of Alt Summit Boys Club)! And let's face it, what better way to write off a vacation than to spend a couple hours at a conference for good measure!

So as I relunctantly crawled out of the super comfortable Grand America bed on the morning of day 1, I figured I could stumble downstairs, grab some snacks and then maybe sneak out of there. As I entered the main ballroom area, all my fears were confirmed. I was the only guy in sight! I was swimming in a sea of good looking, well dressed, smart women, and one of them was my lovely and talented wife and co-founder. Granted this is a single guys heaven, but this was going to be a tough couple days!

But in the interest of not being the Alt Summit grinch, I decided to put a smile on my dial and sit in the back row of a couple sessions. And that's where it all changed.

As I sat in the very back row of Session A: Growing your Community listening to Danielle (The Jealous Curator), Jenny Komenda (Pearl Street Interiors), Meg Keene (A Practical Wedding) and Sarah Bryden Brown (Babble) I couldn't help but be in total awe of these talented women. I suddenly realized that I better smarten up and pay attention. These women were changing the game, and I had better listen closely!

From that moment on, I was like a sponge (a Design Sponge - hahaha, dammit I'm funny). Running from session to session, talking to anyone that would have me and soaking up as much awesomeness as I could. I even met a couple other guys. We started a club. More on that later!

So here are some of the amazing guys and girls that I met over the two days. Follow them, read their blogs, support them, and I promise you, you will wake up with a new sense of inspiration every morning.

Here goes:

Sara Urquhart & Family - Event Rockstars! - @altsummit

Let's start by saying a huge thanks and congrats to Sara and her family for what was a "couldn't have gone better" event! You guys killed it! Thanks so much.

Danielle - The Jealous Curator - @jealouscurator

Anonymous until recently, Danielle writes a sweet and insightful blog about artists that make her jealous. An artist herself, she explains that she always had that feeling of "I wish I had thought of that". So she turned that into a brilliant blog that uncovers some of the best in established and emerging creative talents.

Erin Loechner - Design for Mankind - @erinloechner

I don't think I will get any opposition when I say that Erin might be the sweetest person in the world! A force to be reckoned with for sure, but she proves time and time again that just being a good person and doing what you love, can lead to great success. She even gave me my own nickname - I shall forever be known as Jet!

Jacob & Brittany - Wantist - @wantist

Jacob is the official 3rd founder of the Alt Summit Boys Club (#eightballsatalt). We found each other wandering around one of the many awesome parties and immediately latched onto each other and started talking about sports and cars, just to level ourselves off. Jacob and lovely wife Brittany are the amazing team behind Wantist. Stumped on what to buy someone as a gift.....they've got you covered!

Jamie Roche - BO.LT - @getbolt

Yet another early adopter of the Alt Summit Boys Club, Jamie is a game changer for sure! His new platform is the easiest way to create, accelerate and traffic landing pages. I am going to be doing a post on this in the next few days so stay tuned! PS: he also gave us an iPad for entering his giveaway - #bestguyever!

Alyssa - Welikewelove and Ilikenicethings - @welikewelove

Love this blog! It's so awesome! And we are super excited about the fact that Alyssa is going to be doing a guest post for the Cargoh Loves Blog very soon. Stay tuned.

Janette - Storenvy - @storenvy

In our opinion, one of the best social shopping sites on the internet. Now I know what you're thinking, aren't they our competition? Yup. But let's face it, the internet is a big place, and there is more than enough room for all of us! We love what Storenvy does, and we are super stoked to call them our new friends! Let's have some skype virtual drinks soon!

Ali - The Makerie - @themakerie

Remember camp? For most people camp is the place where most of their fondest memories come from. Well, saddle up, because now there is a creative camp for all you kids stuck in adult bodies! Nestled in the hills of Colorado, it's a weekend to explore your creativity in a quiet and natural environment. Register here.

So many inspiring people! Here are some more......

 - Dwell Studio

 - Grace at Design Sponge

 - Heather at Dooce

 - Just Shorn

 - Kristen at Simply Grove

 - Christine at lamadesigns

 - Erin at Apartment 34

 - Melissa our Caligraphy Teacher

 - Alexis at Fern and Feather (Cariann's Caligraphy buddy)

 - Amy at Amy Turn Sharp

 - Joslyn at Simple Lovely

 - DJ Spooky

 - Swiss Miss

 - Ben at Pinterest

 - Ryan at Pacing the Panic Room

And trust me, that's not the half of it. I have never seen so many successfully creative people in one room in my life before. If you get the chance, you need to hit this up! It is an extremely personal, highly inspiring weekend that you'll never forget.

Now follow all these people and start saving for next year! And guys, let's get #eightballsatalt going. We have some great plans for next year for the boys.

Till then, thanks again to Sara and her team for a fantastic weekend. And thanks to all of you for turning a grumpy guy into your biggest fans!

What was you favorite part of Alt?

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