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Nov 9

Cleaner Living

by Morgan  | Comment

While I can't really speak to the quality of their vaccums (I have a Dyson, myself) I love this project from Electrolux in an effort to bring awareness to the supply/demand problems in finding sustainable plastics on land.   In association with B.E.A.C.H., and various local partners around the world, Electrolux's Vacs from the Sea Initiative collected plastic from the sea floor, and set out to create artist-series vaccums on the same chassis as their Green Range vacuum cleaners (which are currently made with only 70% recycled plastic, due to insufficient supply.)    The end result is pretty brilliant.

{Mediterranean Sea}

{Indian Ocean}

{North Sea}

{Baltic Sea}

{Pacific Ocean}

You can check out the plastic collection photos HERE, and check out the video below to learn more about the project ~

Also, make sure you check out the Vacs from the Sea blog for great insight on plastic-need, and some cool behind the scenes stuff with the designers of the vacs.




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