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May 16

Curated Collection with Tracey Tee

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I am passionate about small business and brands. I love LOVE to support creative and brave people who set out to start their own business. It’s what I’ve done for many years, and it’s what I love to see others do. “Consulting” isn’t quite the right word for what I do. I think my clients would consider it more “business therapy”. And seriously – when you’re running the show and exhausted, stretched too thin, and drained creatively, a therapist is exactly what you need!
{I can help with anything from copy writing to ecommerce management to social media management and Facebook ads. Visit my site to read more.}

Thanks Tracey for curating your "Couldn't Resist" collection for all of us, it's lovely!  Having founded three successful ecommerce sites specializing in gifts, home accessories, fashion accessories and eco-friendly items, we are super excited for Tracey's picks.

Tracey is a full service brand booster, everything from Social Media Manager, Project Manager and Copywriter to making sure your new company hits the ground running by executing services like Web Programming, Graphic Design, Blog Design, Video Production and Media Training for being on camera.  She's the whole kit and caboodle and if you need any help in these areas she's your lady! As she says it's Consulting or, more correctly, Business Therapy! (love it)!

Do get in touch to see how you can take your brand to the next level!  Drop her a line here with any questions you have and make sure to visit her site to see a full description of services she offers.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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