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Apr 27

The Dishes are Done!

by thecargohteam  | 1 comment

If this doesn't change your mind about paper tableware I don't know what will.  I discovered this gem from Inhabitat this morning and it made me wonder what people would say if I whipped these out during my next camping trip.  These beautifully designed Japanese creations are made with tree free biodegradalbe, sugar cane fiber, bamboo and reed pulp which are agricultural waste byproducts.  So they aren't just pretty, they are also good friends of Mother Nature.


The organic form of this 15 piece collection is also customary to the Japanese culture of holding your dishwear in your hand while eating.  The best part is after your dinner party you can toss them in the compost and the dishes are done, really.  Everything about it just makes me want to smile, even their packaging is brilliant.

Convinced? Us too, you can pick some up at Branch Home. And make sure to stop by the Wasara website to learn more about them. Sayonara

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