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Oct 25

Do Good Stuff.

by Morgan  | Comment

There is so much good stuff happening here I can't figure out which thing I want to tell you guys about the most.   First of all, we've got these eight awesome indie pop/rockers donating their time and talents to second of all,  which is an album of so-catchy-you-should-go-out-and-buy-it-even-if-you-don't-have-kids children's songs called DO FUN STUFF which benefits the third of all, which is Smith Magenis Syndrome, an-entirely-under-studied developmental disorder, put together by fourth of all, which is photographer, blogger, and all around internet heartthrob extraordinaire, Ryan Marshall.

Which brings me to fifth of all,  which is the freaking amazing maternity series Ryan did of his {stunning} wife Cole when she was pregnant with their daughter last year.    If you haven't seen it, you really should check it out HERE, because it is one of the sweetest/coolest/love-iest things you'll find online.   But we'll come back to that in a minute.

When Ryan's step-son was diagnosed with Smith Magenis Syndrome late last year, Cole and Ryan were met with very little support from the diagnosing physician, and found very little available information about the disorder.  Every year, one out of every 25,000 children will be diagnosed with SMS, but experts in the field believe that many cases go undiagnosed, bringing it's true prevalence closer to a projected 1 in 15,000 kids.  That's a lot of people living with a disorder we know very little about. 

In an effort to ensure that no parent will have to face this diagnosis with the same uncertainty, the Marshalls have teamed up with PRISMS {Parents and Researchers Interested In Smith-Magenis Syndrome} and created a grant fund to encourage grad students to select SMS as their field of choice.   That's where DO FUN STUFF comes in.   It's funding the fund.   All of it.  100% of the proceeds go to SMS.   So you should buy this album.   Like, really.

So without further ado, here are the eight fantastic artists who contributed awesomeness to DO FUN STUFF ~

{To be clear, these are not "kids" artists.   They're just excellent people.}

And because it is just too wonderful not to share, below is a montage of the maternity series Ryan did for Cole set to a sweet little ditty by DO FUN STUFF contributor Devin of Rabbit! which was written especially for the lovely Mrs. Marshall.   Enjoy.

I mean, right?   For more Ryan and Cole, check out Ryan's blog Pacing the Panic Room.   And obviously, you should buy DO FUN STUFF, HERE.   Oh, and did I mention this is Volume One of what promises to be a yearly tradition of kick-ass kid's music?   {Seriously, RickoLus "Adventure" is the bomb.   It's my kid's favorite for sure.)

{main image via Heather @ Dooce.}

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