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Dec 9

#Feature Friday - Creativity Cards

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This #FF is full of Creativity {pun totally intended}


Sarah from Creativity shares with us a few words about her life, science knowledge and relationship with the Queen of England:


Sarah, owner and designer of Creativity, has always been a creative spirit. As a young child Sarah’s mom considered her to be exceptionally talented at making messes. From ripping up and re-designing thrift store clothes to making her own paper, it was obvious that Sarah was destined to be a designer. Her love and passion for design lead her to Montana State University, where she received her Masters of Architecture. A self-proclaimed professional "card hunter," she realized that cards needed more wit and less fluff (perfect for the modern minimalist, like Sarah). So with her love of design and sharp tongue she emboldened and bastardized the sincere greeting card forever.

#FF How did creativity come to life?

About two years ago I entered what my friends dubbed a 'quarter-life crisis' where I realized my lifelong career aspirations for architecture were not what I had envisioned. What can I say? The day-to-day realities of drafting were far from any childhood notion of being an architect. I needed a creative outlet, and I was going absolutely stir-crazy trying to figure out how to combine my passions, talents and skills: I have long had a knack for developing t-shirt-worthy slogans; I love paper (my favorite present ever was a paper-making kit); and I spend countless hours wandering around stationery stores reading cards. It really only took a warm weekend alone at a mountain lake for me to piece it all together: I wanted to have my own studio and NOT stare at a computer all day, so clearly working for a marketing firm was out. It had to be cards. I never looked back.

#FF Amazing! We enjoy hearing these stories so much, it's serves as pure inspiration for everyone out there. Now, where do you get your sassy from?

"I got it from my momma." Really, I'm not quite sure. My parents would deny having any genetic or nurturing influence on my sass.

#FF What do you do to get inspired?

Talk to my sis. That girl is craaaazy! (Okay -- maybe it is from momma.) She is my big sis, but whenever we are together it's like she is my little sidekick. I've got ten inches on her, anyway. Also, it probably doesn't hurt that I'm a freak magnet, so I have an endless stockpile of weird encounters overloading my memory bank that I can rummage through. I guess maybe I should thank all those creepy guys who seem to find me anytime, anywhere. So really, when I need inspiration I just leave my house.

#FF What clogs your creative drain? And what do you do to unclog it?

It's natural for creativity to ebb and flow. But I actually develop some of my best ideas when I force myself to come up with them. Otherwise, a few libations with friends always brings it back. Not to mention, once again, another opportunity for the freaks to prowl.

#FF Have you gotten angry emails/responses to your cards?

Don't jinx me! I do get nervous when some of my more risque cards debut, but so far those are the ones that are most loved and sell the best. Actually, in making these cards I've realized the power of embracing brutal honesty, and I regret not learning this earlier. If I'm thinking something and dying to say it, others are too. We're all just too damn polite! But a card allows you to say it with humor and social niceties mixed in, so suddenly it's acceptable to be rude. I have had some awkward moments though, once at a show, a father saw the "Lay off the Crack" card and said he should get it for his son, because 'he can't seem to finish rehab for his drug problem." I didn't know quite what to say to that. Also, moms will quickly drag their kids by my booth after they glimpse my cards, I find that amusing. I know my cards aren't for everyone, and I don't want them to be. That's the beauty of them!

haha, that was a Betty Ford centre moment right there, you should consider making cards for them.

#FF If you had to send a card to your Majesty (the real granny one, not Madonna) what would it say?

Liz and I aren't really speaking right now. But Kate definitely deserves the "Congrats on the bling!" card with a handwritten note inside saying, "Too bad it's a hand me down. You sure about marrying that cheap a$$?!"

#FF I know, Liz just came over last night and didn't finish her crumpets... Hey, do you wear your big girl panties all the time?

WOW! We are getting personal, aren't we? Do you wanna know what color too? Big girl panties = being a responsible adult. And well, I'm in denial right now.

#FF Which is your most popular card?

I've noticed that some cards sell better online, and others in person. Overall, the front runners are "Congrats on the boobs (and baby bump too!)," "Good luck with THAT," "Lay off the Crack," and "Way to put the big girl panties on." "Merry Christmyass" also is really kicking some butt in the holiday department. That card is ordered in bulk.

#FF Do you have any projects coming for 2011? (jesus… it's just around the corner!, I mean 2011 is just around the corner, not jesus)

(Looks over shoulder for Jesus) Well, I leave my house almost daily, so I guess I'm always coming up with cards. I've just started production on a new line that I'm calling "Status Updates." It's a snarky play on Facebook updates. Also, more snark-a-licious V-day themed cards are in production now too. Other ideas are cluttering my brain, but it wouldn't be fun to spill all the beans yet, would it?

#FF How many tons of the earth's gravitational pull per square inch is in each living creature on earth on a full moon night?

I cannot speak for all living creatures, but I am well versed in the freak magnetic force that I seem to possess, and I'll just tell you that it defies gravity, so it throws the number off.

#FF: Good answer, it seems you've been hanging out with Jody Foster lately. Could you share the name of a band that you always listen to during Christmas (if it’s Mariah, then please just make something up).

Why you hating on Mariah? (Now all I have is her "All I want for Christmas" song in my head. Thanks!) I'm gonna sound like a grinch (uh, hence the "Merry Christmyass!") but I'm not much of a holiday tune-age kind of girl. But if I have to say something, I prefer to keep it classy (shocking, I know). Perhaps some Michael Buble, or some Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra.

Ohh gotta love the classics! I think that's pretty much what I'll be playing too.


Thank you so much Sarah! Not only do you study the cosmos and gravitational pull of earth but also you rock the indie artist boat.


Get a good dose of sass from Creativity's store, facebook, and website.


See you next Friday everyone !



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