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Oct 29

#Feature Friday - Kteis

by Gabriel  | 2 comments

It's that day of the week that all, or most of us, have been waiting for. FRIDAY!

This Friday is extra special because

1. It's Halloween

2. It's Halloween and

3. It's time for #Friday Feature!

What else could you ask for, really. Costumes, candy, drinks and an interview with a Cargoh artist? Sign me up! For this Friday we have selected a very unique artist from the gothic Cargoh realm in Croatia. Please, give it up for Miss Kteis! *applause*

#FF: Kteis, we are very excited to have you on this week's Friday Feature. To get started, please give us a quick glimpse into what Kteis is all about:

Kteis: Kteis is a Greek word literary meaning shell or vagina (as opposed to Phallos) and it is commonly used meaning Great Mother or Goddess. It summarizes everything I crawl to, spirituality, creativity, art, femininity, beauty and mystery. I am a visual artist from Croatia, a small country in the heart of Europe, with great history, cultural heritage,which I find very inspiring.

#FF: That was THE perfect introduction.What was the spark that ignited Kteis creations?

Kteis: I literally woke up one morning this past April with a clear idea what am I going to do – create paintings on silk and turn them into wearable art through scarves. I have never painted on silk before and I am still amazed about the subconscious burst that happened in that moment. Although I am a college graduate painter and multimedia artist, I wasn’t even aware of how hard actually silk painting is and ,how serious of a craft! I just jumped into it. I have to say though, I am in love with this technique. Every time I create a piece I see it as a small miracle, because colors and patterns in silk look so fabulous and divine.

#FF: How did your current collection "Arachne" came to be? (this is a good time to confess that I suffer from severe Arachnophobia)

Kteis: Well, in that illuminating moment in April there was also a clear image of what would those scarves look like. It's not something I planned or was thinking about, I could call it a vision, if only that wouldn't sound so blasphemous. In fact, I don't care...I had a vision thing going on! Besides that, I am embarrassed to admit that I am arachnophobiac myself! Still though, I believe that our fears, especially irrational ones, are connections to our spirituality and subconscious levels and thus should be cherished. That's why I choose Arachne to be my first and signature collection.

#FF AMEN sestra! (that's "sista" in Croatian, yeah, we are really cool around here) Hey, what about a new collection? Do you have something coming up soon? if so tell us a bit about it , c'ommon, spill it sestra!

Kteis: Yes, I've been preparing a new collection for the whole summer. Now I can say for the first time in public, my new collection is all about Labyrinths. Somehow, creating Labyrinths has proven to be very hard. I guess because that's what's going through a Labyrinth is all about, growing, learning, changing thyself. Labyrinths themselves are interesting structures visually, they look like spirals, but are developed in the most unpredictable ways. What interested me the most in is that, they are not like mazes and their structure has only one entrance and there is only one way you can walk through them, the same way through which you exit after you reach the center, thus forming a sort of drama thing which we also find in ancient initiation mysteries. Labyrinths are also powerful energetically and my new collection will represent 7 main universal energies through 7 different labyrinth structures/paths/colors. I would also like to credit here an excellent Croatian author Adrian Predrag Kezele whose book ‘Labyrinths and their secrets’ was a great source of knowledge and inspiration, along with his other books.

#FF: Hands down Kteis, you got us hooked and we can't wait to wander around your labyrinths. Now, tell me a bit about your market, what has been the feedback of your products in North America?

Kteis: So far I am very thankful of my USA and Canadian customers. I never imagined my fashion experiment to be welcomed in Croatia, but after receiving so much positive energy and impact internationally, I am very happy and I know that I am doing something meaningful and good for people and myself.

#FF: What makes your "spidy senses" tingle like crazy?

Kteis: Ha! I can’t define what it is. Sometimes those fears that appear from nowhere, sometimes powerful images that overwhelm me, sometimes images that appear in my camera, in particular female/male beauty...I absolutely get out of control with that stuff. And, of course, lack of control also makes my senses tingle, lol.

#FF: If you, for some reason, were victim of a magic spell that turned your body parts into objects, what would you rather have.... A: a mop as a foot B: a stapler as a butt C: a shamwow as a hand

Kteis: Oh, you’re talking about some serious badass evil magic here. Not taking any, thanks :)

#FF: Are you planning visit either Canada or the US anytime soon?

Kteis: I am not a traveler, I love being at home, doing my art and stuff, reading, being concentrated on my inner worlds. That’s why I am so thankful to the Goddess that she invented the internet and I can be all over the world by just turning on my computer.

#FF: Well if you ever decide to come, you know who to call to hang out *wink* Miss Kteis, what are your plans this Halloween weekend? What would be a very Croatian thing to do around this time?

Kteis: Halloween is not something we have inherited through our tradition, but imported from American media and pop culture. Of course, being a goth, I love that at least one day of the year appears as a national goth day. But at the same time, seeing goth turning from subculture or street culture to mainstream and pop is disappointing a little, although I know that that’s how things go and that’s why I’m taking my art and fashion design so seriously, I hope that I can push those pop-culture boundaries further and inspire people to experiment more and dive more into dark visuals.

#FF: And YOU ARE pushing the envelope. Speaking of pushing and envelopes, what would you do if spider man was stranded to a chair in front of you right in this moment, what would you say/do to him?

Kteis: I would ask him to become my official post deliverer since my Canadian and USA customers have to wait for ten days and more for items they order from me.

#FF: What would a mystical moment look like for Kteis?

Kteis: Sometimes I just feel no boundaries between me and nature/universe, these moments of bliss and unity are the best, though somehow rare.

#FF: And a life altering moment?

Kteis: This is a very serious question and I’m having difficulty answering because I see my life constantly changing. If I had to comprise it somehow, I would say that it was the war that my country went through during the 90’s. It was and, still is a bewildering evidence of how disastrous (human) nature is.

#FF: Could you share a - quote, activity, music mix or book - that gives you energy and fires up your creativity?

Kteis: Oh, I have so many. I love Karl Marx quotes, especially this one: ‘The last capitalist we’ll hang, will be the one that sold us a rope.’ Regarding books, I would definitely recommend Camille Paglia’s ‘Sexual Personae’, it’s amazing. Music is always present in my life. At this moment I’m listening a mixed playlist of Dead can Dance and Derniere Volonte....

#FF: Yes! you got extra awesome points (not that you need them) for Dead Can Dance. And to finish up, do you have any tips for "good luck" ?

Kteis: Pray to Beautiful Goddess <3

#FF: Thanks a lot Kteis!


Don't forget to pop by Kteis' shop and give her some good ol' goth love.

Also check out her twitter and facebook.

We are very proud to have such a rad mix of artists on board with us, from goth goddesses to missfit kittens and fashionistas, we got it all.

Good vibes to Kteis and everyone in the Cargoh house.


See you next Friday!



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