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Nov 19

Feature Friday - Ole Originals

by Gabriel  | 2 comments

This Friday Feature is a packed with a double dose of awesome. We talked to Chandler from Ole Originals {great T-shirts, go check'em out!} and he is also one of the creators of Make It Show {which you are probably attending and if you are not - really? your gonna miss out THE weekend of DIY revolution?} which will be bursting with creativity and inspiration.


Give it up for Mr. Chandler -


When did you decide to create Ole Originals?

I started Ole Originals Just over 2 years ago and it's been a crazy ride so far! Before I created Ole I found it very difficult to find t-shirts that were tastefully designed, nicely fitted and of good quality. I also wasn't a fan of graphic tees with massive company logos and branding - Who wants to pay $ to be a walking billboard? I felt there was a void in the mens t-shirt industry and saw this as an opportunity to create something better!

Can you tell us a bit about Make it! productions?

Make It is all about creating opportunities for artists, crafters and designers. It is a shopping event that gives enlightened shoppers the opportunity to buy unique, ethically handmade goods from top artisans from all over Canada. The vibe at the show is fun, laid-back and music is spun by top local DJs! Make It is about appreciating creativity and giving conscious shoppers an alternative to the mall. Did I mention there's beer and wine!?

How do you manage to juggle both, Ole Originals and Make it!?

It can be very difficult! I essentially have 2 full time jobs, but Ole tends to take the back seat more often than not. I'm looking forward to spending time over the holidays on new t-shirt graphics!

What have Make It! and Ole Originals brought to your life?

After I graduated from university I worked a couple corporate jobs and realized that I never want to work for someone and I'm destine to be an entrepreneur! Owning your own business can be stressful, but I feel so alive, passionate and wouldn't have it another way.

What type of elixir do you drink to keep yourself sane?

Yes indeed! I love to indulge in the occasional bevy. I'm drinking a nice glass of Scotch right now and feel wonderful!

Deepak Chopra, 2Pak Shakur or Chupa Cabras?

2pac is the only one i've heard of so lets roll with that.

What would you like to see/happen during Make it! Vancouver?

I just like to see a slamming big crowd! This means all our hard work has paid off.

What are you planning to do after the show?

I would love to say celebrate, but Make It Edmonton is next week so lots of work still to do. After that I'm planning to hibernate for a while.

What would you do if I told you that I have Whoopie Goldberg on the line asking if she could have a stand at the Make it! show Vancouver to promote her new lady "stay dry" line?

WHOOPIE! hell yes, but only if she sings like she did in Sister Act.

What can people expect to see at the end of the year from Ole Originals?

I just designed dress shirts that are made right here in Vancouver! I hope the response is good, because I would love to dabble more into the fashion end of things.

What can we expect to see this weekend at Make it! Vancouver?(other than pure awesoness-mania)

100 rockstar artists and designers + Djs spinning + licensed bar = Awesomess-mania!

Finally, can you share an inspirational quote for us...

Live Free! It sounds simple, but I believe you can do anything in this life if you're willing to work for it. Stay sexy everyone.

Thanks a million Chandler, we look forward to seeing you and the Vancouver community at Make it!


Check out Chandler's Cargoh Store here for a look at his full selection.


You can also find Chandler and his awesome line of T-Shirts and newly created dress shirts on his website, Facebook, Twitter or come and meet the man himself at the Make It Show this weekend in Vancouver or Edmonton in a couple weeks (hours and location below)


Friday, November 19, 2010

4pm to 9pm

Saturday, November 20

11am to 6pm

Sunday, November 21

11am to 5pm

@ The Croatian Cultural Centre 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC


And just because the people at the Make It! Show are the greatest, here's $2 off the already super cheap $5 admission! Psssst, here's a little environment saving tip, you can just show them the coupon on your phone. No need to waste the paper.


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