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Dec 30

#Feature Friday - Raw Art Letter Press

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Say hello to Raw Art Letterpress, a store full of funky fonts and inspiration:


Dear Miss Raw Art, can you tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Colette, I live in Mount Shasta California. I like to ski, hike and read. I have had a wide range of work experiences from teaching rock climbing and working on search and rescue in Yosemite to being an international flight attendant for unitied airlines and all sorts of things in between. Currently I make prints and work a bit with my sister at Lulubug Jewelry.

#FF: How did Raw Art Letter Press come to be?

C: I have always been 'creative' but not very artisitic, per se. I made a set of hand cut stamps of the alphabet in 1998 which I used to make personalized alphabet coloring books for kids. With those I also made my first 'wordprint' (the ones with three letters across). I started making 'raw art' prints in 2009. I started taking a printmaking class, but didn't care for the type of work we were doing, so I made up my own process. I didn't turn in any assignments, but I did put a lot of ink on paper!

#FF: What is the process behind the creation of a new product?

C: My prints emerge from some sort of personal experience. Some quite simple and mundane things like going to the dentist will lead to a print ('brush and floss') and others come from more emotional experiences.

#FF: Have you been influenced by any artists? If so, by whom?

C: Sister Corita Kent 'the joyous revolutionary' was an amazing printmaker who lived an extraordinary life. She is relatively unknown by name, but mostpeople in the usa will recognize her 'love' postage stamp. Most of her prints have words and are subtle, witty and hold layers of meaning.

#FF Sister Corita was definetely a trail blazer in her field. {Can I get an Amen in here?!} Do you have your own studio? Or where do you create all of your products

C: I live and work in a giant geodesic dome. It has an amazing view of Mount Shasta. It is hard to tell that I actually live there though because it is full of prints and related messes.

#FF That sounds like an amazing work/living space! How raw are you?

C: I'd say pretty raw or at least minimalistic my needs are pretty simple. I don't really cook, so most of what I eat is raw or cooked by someone else :) I do have an electric tea kettle - it is most important to have hot water for coffee and tea.

#FF: That's pretty raw. Say, Harry Potter works for Cargoh and he can cast a spell on you to be who ever you want for 1 hour. Who would you choose?

C: Dang, think Marie Osmond or Eddie Izzard.

#FF: What did you have for dinner last night?

C: Arugula and roasted chicken a friend cooked for me.

#FF Shoes always bring good luck, also putting a $1 bill inside your pants {it serves as insulation too y'know} What is your favourite tune to play for during this season?

C: Frosty the snowman - he was a jolly happy soul! I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season and a very happy new year!

#FF Oh Frosty, we love thee.

Thank you so much for your time Colette. Your art is as unique as your geodesic home {and shoe ritual}.


Stop by Colette's store and get raw with her. Check out a double dose of awesome with Raw Art and Lulu Bug Jewelry {indie sistas} collaboration pieces.


And if you are looking for that something unique and personalized Colette can help you out there too with her custom work. Come play on Facebook and like her page.


Until next week...




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