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Nov 5

#Feature Friday - Raw Toast Design

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Guess what? It is that awesomeal time of the week when we choose one artist and throw a bunch of questions out of the Cargoh hat. Yes, it is indeed time for #Friday Feature.

This time we have selected Mr. Jesse Kuhn from Rawtoastdesign. So buckle up and enjoy the ride:


#FF: Hello Jesse! Welcome to #Friday Feature. To start could you describe who you are and the essence of RawToast

Jesse: I am Jesse Aaron James Kuhn. Equal parts human and alien. Lover of pictures and unexplainable phenomena. A kid trapped in an adults body. Emperor at The Republic of Rawtoastdesign. Illustrator, designer, and wanderer of the universe.

#FF: I knew I saw a UFO a couple minutes before the interview. Jesse, could you tell us about the meaning behind the name "Rawtoast"?

Jesse: Raw Toast actually came about during a late night run to a casino diner many moons ago. It was summoned to the counter after a friend had asked for the fastest thing they had on the menu. The waitress politely tossed some bread-n-butter in front of us. I then mumbled, "Raw Toast" Everyone laughed and the name sort of stuck with me after that. So a few years later it became my "stage name in the art world" The simplicity of bread and butter is what I try to strive for within my illustrations as well as simple, clear, conceptual statements, with a subtle sprinkling of wit and sarcasm. One of my superpowers is also a touch of the reactive hypoglycemia and I get sort of hungry-crazy regularly. Whenever a waiter/ess brings out bread and butter at the start off a dining experience they automatically get tipped an extra 5%.

#FF:  I once ate a piece of bread that previous customers left on the table, by mistake of course -ahem- What makes your everyday clock tick?

Jesse: Here's a, friends, sunshine, humans, philanthropic impulses, mobility, cadbury eggs, canned beer, elderly that use the f-word, crayons, live music, and the basic idea of loving to create stuff. The ability to take a blank space and turn it into something that others are able to connect with on a range of emotional levels is really awesome. The communication aspect is very important. The idea that we have the ability to create images that will continue to communicate long after our physical existence has always been inspiring to me. I like it when a piece is able to invoke a range of emotions from the viewer very quickly. I love watching them smile and then wrinkle their foreheads as they begin to process the underlying themes.

#FF: What is the thing that you enjoy the most at work?

Jesse: Having the option to work with or without clothes on.

#FF: Isn't that always an option? well maybe just around here. Ok now the opposite, what bores you to death?

Jesse: Gossip and people who complain a lot.

#FF: I guess I can scratch my next question - How much do you love Perez Hilton? How was your Halloween weekend? Did you dress up?

Jesse: Halloween was great, ended up on a beautiful rooftop balcony near Central Park with several other interesting characters. I went as Son of Man, 1964 by René Magritte. (see pic below)

#FF: Sharp! You should swing by the Cargoh Halloween Party next year. Now that we are talking about party and costumes, what if the existence of the human race depended on you wearing a costume for the rest of your life and you only had the following choices, what would you be?
 - Chewbacca wearing a pair of garters
 - Gary coleman in a Dairy Queen uniform
 - Captain Kirk wearing a banana hammock

Jesse: Such a toss up between Chewie and Captain K!!! They both possess space cruisers and light speed technologies which is awesome, but I think Kirks got the whole teleportation thing a bit more perfected + Sacha Baron Cohen made me a converted fan of rockin' the b-hammock. Final answer: Captain Kirk slingin' the goods in the the ol' bh for eternity.

#FF: I was affraid of that. So, after this mind-invasive answer I must ask, how do you think your friends would describe you?

Jesse: That's a good question, I could hypothesize, but I'm going to have to pass since I haven't yet finished/mastered my Mind Reading For Dummies book. I suppose you'd have to track them down for this in the meantime.

#FF: What are you working on right now?

Jesse: Levitation, teleportation, getting back into Taekwondo, continuous expansion of The Quirkles universe, a store redesign/rebrand in NYC, launching a greeting card line, attempting my first font design, and various personal projects.

#FF: Could you tell us about any secret weird habits you have? 

Jesse: I touch things??? Like more than the average person, sort of like a kid still. I don't think I ever grew out of that inquisitive tactile fascination with everyday objects that kids possess. I also try to start the day out with a little light meditation to get the energy flowin'.

#FF  When you look at the mirror in the morning, what do you see?

Jesse: Somebody that needs to shave, but doesn't have to. Someone who's still finding his way and looking forward to the people he's going to meet on that journey. Someone who is ready and eager to learn more. Someone who wants to leave this world knowing that it's a better place because of the contributions they've made and the people they've helped along the way. Someone who's hungry...for more toast.

#FF: What do you put in your morning toast?

Jesse: Typically whole grain wheat, lightly toasted with real butter, not the tub stuff. Sometimes jelly, or if I'm feelin' fancy I'll slap on some American cheese and scrambled eggs.

#FF: What is the last dream you remember having?

Jesse: My dreams are really vivid and sometimes intense. They're most intense during power naps (yes I take naps {I recently discovered that Thomas Edison did too}, they're great for recharging the brain). I fly a lot...not in machines of any sort, it's the swimming through the air type of flying. I'm usually conscious in my dreams of the fact that I'm dreaming though and am able to intervene and wake myself up if necessary. (Like to go to the bathroom.) I sort of mastered this at an early age. Whenever I would walk into a bathroom in my dream it meant that I really did need to wake up because if I went in my dream...odds are I was going in real life. Having that sort of control during dreamtime also allows you to influence the atmosphere sometimes too which can get interesting.

#FF: Lastly, Jesse could you share an inspirational quote for us:

Jesse: "As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." ~ M. Williamson

#FF: Thanks so much, we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us.

Rawtoastdesign is pure raw talent and it is a nation full of creativity and kindness, all supported by his ruler, Jesse. Make sure to drop by and say hi to him on Facebook , Twitter, his blog, his website and all of the other amazing collaborations he has done. See you next Friday for some more raw talent. Rawr.

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