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Sep 10

Forest for the Trees

by Morgan  | Comment

I don't know how this collaboration from {Australian illustrators} Jo Pole and Erin Smith (collectively known as Treehouse Studio) came to be, and I'm not sure if they're meant to ride on, or be hung as a triptych (because wouldn't that be beautifully badass) but I know that I come back to the image I have saved of it pretty much on the daily.  So often in fact, that I was finally driven to look for more information on it's creators, Pole and Smith, and was thrilled to find what wonderful work the duo does in their respective solo careers.

Jo Pole (who is rather progressive with her choice of canvas, to beguiling effect):

Erin Smith (who uses letters as brush strokes...which is


You can learn more about Erin HERE, and Jo HERE.   (And I read rumors of a Claymation collaboration on Jo's blog, which I'm dying to see if anyone knows where to find it.)


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