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Feb 1

Kate MccGwire is ruffling feathers

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Quell 2011: Pigeon feathers, mixed media and antique cabinet 865 x 5470 x 1560 cm.

Lure 2011: Crow feathers, mixed media and antique cabinet 460 x 550 x 1720 mm.

Evacuate 2010: Site-specific installation. Mixed media with feathers (Mallard, goose, peacock, pheasant, teal, woodcock, woodpigeon, quail, grouse, French partridge, turkey and chicken) 400 x 350 x 120 cm (approximately).

Kate MccGwire’s Evacuate [also] plays with the historicism of the mansion - this time focusing on the “behind the scenes” world of the kitchens. Thousands of locally sourced bird feathers, each taken from a species regularly cooked in the house ovens, are reassembled to create a new, uncanny “creature”. Horrifyingly beautiful, the installation suggests a new (or perhaps ancient) and menacing presence emanating from the cast iron oven. Coiling, pluming and creeping through the kitchen, the work feels weighty, meaty. The visitor is at once taken by the gorgeousness of the piece itself - the assemblage of “common” feathers presented as something completely exotic - and the shame involved in discarding objects of beauty in favour of a perfunctory dinner.’
(Excerpt from Tatton Park Biennial catalogue, p12-13)

Guile 2011: Pigeon feathers, mixed media and antique cabinet 865 x 5470 x 1560 cm.

Discharge 2010: Site-specific installation Mixed media with pigeon feathers 420 x 70 x 370 cm (approximately).

This installation was inspired by the fountain at Columbus Circle Museum. The jets of water are flocked by the local feral pigeons.

Sepal Series 2011: Pigeon wing feather on archival board 40 x 40 x 5 cm.


A quote from Kate.

"I gather, collate, re-use, layer, peel, burn, reveal, locate, question, duplicate, play and photograph."


 I've been gaga over feathers lately, (Alt Summit is an example of that) so when I saw the work of London based artist Kate MccGwire I was totally in awe.  Her use of discarded feathers creates a world of wonder and borders between a feeling of peaceful bliss and deathly danger.  The realistic forms are made with collected feathers of birds including goose, teal, pheasant, pigeon and woodcock which she gets from various farmers and pigeon racers, (who knew, that's a cool profession)?

Her work is so fascinating that it leaves you wondering if it's the natural world at work or a nightmare imagined after watching Alfred Hitchcock's, The Birds and eating to much chocolate!  Either way we are huge fans of her work.

You should also follow her on Twitter @KateMccGwire to see what creations will take flight next!


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