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Mar 13

Meet our friends from stitchlabs

by thecargohteam  | Comment

We want to introduce you to our new friends here in San Francisco, Stitchlabs.  Stitchlabs is a beautifully designed online tool that helps anyone that sells their goods on multiple platforms, both online and offline to streamline all avenues into one place. It manages orders, contacts, products and expenses in a dashboard that will leave you breathless.  

Let's get to some quick points to wet your pallet before we send you over to take a look for yourself.

- It will save you time, money and help grow your business.
    I really love their company motto "We grow our business by helping you grow your business".

- They're visual perfectionists and value design just like you. Their intuitive solution is designed so that you can easily navigate through the site and get "the paperwork" done and back to creating.

- Most importantly is they get what you need! They are makers and designers themselves so they have experienced the problem and built Stitch as the solution.  Meet their awesome team and read more about them here.

- Many independent sellers have given up thinking there could actually be one tool that does what Stitch does! Being able to have all your orders in one place - to see what's been paid for, shipped, etc; being able to print invoices, packing slips and line sheets. Manage all their contacts in one place, and then have the robust (and pretty) business analytics from our reports, to get a clear picture on where their products are selling the best, and which ones, down to the finest detail, like size and colour! Amazing right? Check out some of those pretty reports below.


- Currently Stitchlabs offers the seamless intergration with Etsy and Shopify with many more to come, as well as your offline consignment, show and craft fair sales. 


We've been chatting here at Cargoh and would love to integrate with Stitchlabs to bring their awesome functionality to help achieve this for all of you? We want to know whether this is something we should do, we need your feedback, so let us know what you think and if it's a good idea. Let's start the conversation! Leave your comments below or feel free email us at [email protected] with any questions you have.

Also a big congratulations to them for winning the The Best in Show award at Tech Cocktail’s annual SXSW celebration this year!  You can read all about it here!  You guys are rockstars!


Love The Cargoh Team

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