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Jan 31

Mixed [Tape] Media

by Morgan  | Comment

Erika Iris Simmons has got to be one of the most fascinating mixed media artists (or just artists in general) whose work I have ever laid eyes on.   I don't even know how to classify it.   Part sculpture, part collage, all freaking amazing and brilliant.   I literally found myself exclaiming out loud and holding my head (for fear that my mind might actually blow) as I uncovered her body of work - her incredible GHOST IN THE MACHINE series {pictured above and below} in which she's created a series of portraits from recycled cassette, VHS, and mag tape - which first grabbed my attention with both hands, is actually just scratching the surface of what she can do with other people's throw aways.   

Like this portrait she did of the great Fernando Valenzuela (Go Dodgers) crafted entirely from the guts of an exploded baseball:

Barack Obama created from images of his rise to the presidency ~


The Sacrament of the Last Supper cut up and rearranged into the likeness of it's painter {Salvador Dali} ~

Or Monet collaged from his own distinctive brushstrokes (Woman With Umbrella) ~

I could do this all day.   Each piece from Simmons' collection is more mind blowing, breathtaking, impressive to behold than the one before it.  

See more HERE.

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