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Jun 23

New Leash on Life.

by Morgan  | Comment

At the risk of alienating all of the cat people of the world in a single sentence, I'm just going to put this out there:   I am a dog person.  (Don't worry, cat people, you don't have to boycott Cargoh, the big cheeses here are cats all the way...)   But me?   I'm a dog person.    So although the simple yet sophisticated line of leashes and collars first caught my eye for their design value (I'm also a sucker for stamped brass) Found My Animal nuzzled it's wet little nose into my heart with it's mission - the company sets out to create cruelty-free products exclusively for "adopted animals and their people," and donates a full 25% of their profits to the Louis Animal Foundation.

Their rope leashes are hand made by New England rope-makers - the black and white versions out of 100% recycled P.E.T. -  and can be worn a variety of fashionable, clever, and convenient ways (although make sure you've trained your shelter animal before you attempt some of these variations - it kind of seems like strapping a recently rescued rottie to your waste might be...ill advised, to say the least.)   Their o-hook design makes docking doggy simple, any way you like it.

And if you're not in the market for a leash, you should at least check out their gallery of happily homed pups - if nothing else, it's sure to brighten your day just a little bit.   (If you're a dog person.  And if you're not?   Bah humbug to you, too.)

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