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Mar 28

Oh Krysa! Artwork from the jealous curator

by thecargohteam  | Comment

Our talented friend Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator is giving us something to be jealous of. Her!  This is Danielle's first ever art exhibit called 'Blush' and it's being featured on Buy Some Damn Art (making original and affordable work by up-and-coming artists available, every Tuesday) which is curated by the amazing eye of, Kate Singleton of Art Hound.  Do we have your attention yet? So much good stuff in just a few sentences right?  Well here's some more… meet the sexy Playboy ladies of the 70's, which were discovered during Danielle's teenage "angsty" years.  Work created from a heartfelt story, melodied by rock band KISS and plastered with scratch n' sniff stickers.

Said best by the creator, "It’s meant to represent the confusing, beautiful kaleidoscope that was my innocence and curiosity, all mixed into one."

This pretty personal & brilliant series is mix media on water-color paper!  Get ready to be wow'd and make sure to let her know what you think!  You can pick up these gems here!

Thanks Danielle for sharing your most intimate secretes with us, we'll make sure to keep them safe :) VICTORY!!!



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