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Feb 7

What Wantist wants for Valentine's Day!

by thecargohteam  | 1 comment

We're super excited that our new friends over at Wantist have sent us a list of all their favorite Valentine's Day gifts from some of our Cargoh sellers.

In a world of husband and wife teams, Jacob and Brittany are pretty much the coolest out there! Their baby, Wantist, is the absolute best way to get out of those tough gift buying binds! Need a {blank} for {blank} - no worries. Wantist has you covered!

So without further's what to buy that special someone this Valentine's Day.

We had to begin with this. It hits a special place in our hearts. It's why we do what we do. It's why we're enamored with indie makers like those here on cargoh. Loving what you do is reason enough for all the time you put into it, and an artful reminder like this print is just the thing to keep spurring you along. Get this one for yourself. We won't tell.

His and hers, ours and ours. Your morning mug just got a whole lot sweeter. Share a cup o' love with your honey, in person or in mind, with these cute mugs customized just for the two of you.

This suits her. It really does. The brooch matches her charming sense of style. The wood plays to her natural sensibilities. The bird represents her incredible drive and warm spirt. And the heart, we'll let you fill in the blank on that one.

And ever, and ever, and ever. Not to geek out too much here, but holy white space, I love you.

Well okay, since we're getting our geek on, any vintage photographer sweethearts out there? This card will absolutely capture their heart as they've captured yours.

Valentine's day is approaching after all. If you manage to sway your most masculine man, to get fancied up for a night on the town and don these beauties then you. are. woman! And he must love you dearly.

We adore this so much that it's already made its way to Wantist. It inspires, it encourages, it loves, and it's made by a pair of sisters. A perfect gift for just about anyone you care about.

When they say simplicity is beautiful, this is what they're talking about.

Despite the fact that the title has gotten Erasure stuck in my head, the image is sweet and the sentiment lovely. Sometimes love requires us to try something new, tread where we may not otherwise, and take a chance for the possibility to fly through the air. aww, mushy, I know.

Adorable. love it. speechless.

Jewelry is always a great choice for Valentine's day, and there's all kinds of wonderful choices here on cargoh, but these stood out for their simplicity and their possibility. A lovely brass and black combo, these little hearts are hinged lockets. Stash photos, love notes, perhaps other tiny mementos, and watch for that favorite smile to appear.

Nothing says bliss like a bomb in the bathtub. Treat your sweets to sweet treats in the tubby.

And finally, the most awesomely understated anti-Valentines gift we've seen. For all the uncoupled out there, happy Singles Awareness Day everyone.

Thanks guys! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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