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Caroline Eastman-Bridges is a true conservationist.   Nothing goes to waste in the studio where she creates [freaking amazing rings for her shop] Esoterica Bazaar - she rolls her leftover scraps of silver into little pebbles and uses them to create anamalous jewelry {like the pebble pile ring, pictured above}.

Other goodies from her Cargoh Shop?

Well, hello thereValley of the Dolls ring ~ it's the perfect gift for the pill popper on your list!  

I'm a sucker for her sun-drenched photos, too.    Gorgeous stuff, gorgeously captured.    *bigfatswoon*


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Well, it's been one hell of a week, but we've survived. And so have some of you! Have you noticed? We know it's been a long wait for everyone, but we are happy (and relieved) to announce that if you have a shop on Cargoh and it's still standing after the blitz, then WELCOME ABOARD. That's right. The wait is over. Our curation process is complete, and our marketplace is officially open for business. So go forth, shop, connect, enjoy.

We are so grateful to our amazing sellers and our swiftly growing community for sticking with us through the craziness.  We can't wait to get to know all of you better and see where this thing takes us! And as always, if you have questions/comments/concerns (or better yet, compliments!) you can reach us at [email protected].

Faithfully yours,

The Cargoh Team.


...And now if you'll excuse us...we could really use a nap and a nervous breakdown.

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Sarah from Creativity Cards is a girl after my own heart (especially since I just had a baby, and yeah...good luck with that indeed.   In fact Paul is probably purchasing this card to send me as we speak after having spent a couple of nights on my couch last month.)    She's snarky as f*ck (as bleep?!, ah fuck it!) and each card makes me chuckle a little harder than the one before it.  

Like this set of five thank you cards:

or this one...obviously:

Or this one...available for purchase HERE.  


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Our little site is off and running, and as our ones and zeros turn into shops and sales, we're so excited to get to introduce to you some of our esteemed Cargoh sellers!  

Maria of Hold crochets with wool.   I know...I've heard the buzz...crochet is not what you think of when you hear "Cargoh" these days.  Right?   But c'mon!   Look at this stuff!

Sorry I just had to wipe a little drool off my chin.   Wood and those freaking gorgeous bowls?   It's like craft porn.  

Plus they're sustainable.  Takes less energy to make than a ceramic bowl, and is biodegradable to boot...

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Hi All,

So...WOW. These past few days have been...uh...a wild ride here at Cargoh. The feedback on our new policies is flowing in hard and fast, both the positive and the negative, and we're doing our best to keep up with all of it. But since our ears are burning like the hills of Los Angeles we thought we'd try to clear the air on a few major points.

  1. Cargoh as a company is in the very early stages of it's life, and still very much enrolled in the school of hard knocks. It's kind of like we're going through puberty right now, and these are our growing pains. Our awkward period. You get the gist. We're learning every day.
  2. When we launched twelve weeks ago, we invited some of our favorite artists and designers to join the beta marketplace. We focused all of our energy on the art and design markets, handpicking sellers to help us communicate the vibe of Cargoh. As we've said before, it was never our intention to compete with the...
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Hi Everyone, 

When we came up with the concept for cargoh, we never saw ourselves as competition for the other marketplaces out there. So many sites do such an amazing job at what they do in their markets, I'm looking at you Big E, and we never really had the intention of trying to take that away. What we are trying to do, is create something similar for the indie art and design community. Now, what the hell does that mean? Well, it's really hard to explain. So instead of trying, we decided to do something else.

As of right now, will be a carefully curated/juried marketplace of sellers that are pushing the envelope in their fields, including, but certainly not limited to art, design, film, photography, fashion, accessories........the list really goes on forever. Our goal is to become the #1 selling and shopping destination for emerging artistic talents on the web. Good design is really undefinable. So our team at cargoh will do the best to search out...

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I read this yesterday:

"The demands of day-to-day living are in constant conflict with the pursuit of passions. War is being waged on our time and our energy. We multitask. We prioritze. But we are losing the battle. More often than not, those aspects of our lives that we cherish, that define us as individuals, lost out to the demands of modern life." - our mission is to assist in the battle to pursue passions!

Pretty powerful stuff. Makes you think doesn't it. How many tomorrow's do we all really have left to do the things we really want. At cargoh, we encourage require people to indulge, if even for a moment, their inner child. It is the life blood of the soul! Seriously! Do one thing every day that makes that kid in you giggle uncontrollably!!

So, this morning, under the heavy smoke of the summer forest fires, I took my camera and walked around my neighborhood. I only took a few photos, and they are nothing short of average, but...

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Ahhhhh, so this what you get when you cross amazing filmmaking, a gritty Mexico City set, wicked stunts, killer skaters named Jesus and fire!! 

Remember when Spike Jonze directed Yeah, Right and people's brains went bang......this reminds me of that. I love it when super talented directors use their filmmaking skills to take genre films to the next level. And Garth Davis does just that! 


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Hi everyone!
Hope things are well out there in the big bad world.....?
Over the past couple months here at Cargoh, we have been going through what we have been calling our "proof of concept" stage. This is the stage in our young business where we discover what people want, what people need and what is best, not only for our business, but for the community involved. We have been getting an incredible amount of feedback. Mostly positive, some negative and some constructive. We listen to it all. And in the process of listening to it all, we have come up with a few fundamental changes to our model.
Disclaimer: If you have already signed up for the site, the only fees you will ever pay will be the 3.5% transaction fee. We will never change that for our orignal sellers.
A couple key things have happened in the past couple months:

  1. We have built up a community of almost 500 sellers.
  2. ...
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I'd been looking for the perfect album for summer and I've finally found it in Jeremy Fisher's Goodbye Blue Monday. His dreamy indie folk/pop is reminiscent of Paul Simon's early solo work (think Me & Julio or Kodachrome) but with its own distinctly Canadian flavour.

He'll be touring this Summer with Hannah Georgas, Aidan Knight and the members of Said the Whale as The Malahat Review, all playing each others songs. And all their songs are amazing, so don't miss it.

To hear more and fall in love, visit

Photos: Jeremy Fisher at CBC Vancouver, July 7, 2010. Taken by Leigh Eldridge.

{Post by Leigh Eldridge for the Cargoh Street Team}

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