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Erika Iris Simmons has got to be one of the most fascinating mixed media artists (or just artists in general) whose work I have ever laid eyes on.   I don't even know how to classify it.   Part sculpture, part collage, all freaking amazing and brilliant.   I literally found myself exclaiming out loud and holding my head (for fear that my mind might actually blow) as I uncovered her body of work - her incredible GHOST IN THE MACHINE series {pictured above and below} in which she's created a series of portraits from recycled cassette, VHS, and mag tape - which first grabbed my attention with both hands, is actually just scratching the surface of what she can do with other people's throw aways.   

Like this portrait she did of the great Fernando Valenzuela...

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I think it's okay for me to call it diorama.   I mean, it's 3-D, and it tells a story, and I mean it in a completely good way.   I mean, seriously ~ check out what Portland's Meredith Dittmar is doing with clay (and assorted other things, but usually a lot of clay): that freaking amazeballs or what?  {I think it's okay for me to call it "amazeballs" ~ it describes it perfectly, and I mean it in the best way.}

I don't know what it is about these amalgamations of nature and machine, but they grab hold of me, keep me captive, and tell me a haunting tale I can't get out of my head for days.   Again, totally in a good way.

With a background in digital art and science, Meredith's pieces are like no other ~ a visual exploration of the...

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