Misguided Goddess Art Show and Fuck Cancer Fundraiser


Vivo Media Arts Centre
1965 Main Street
Vancouver , BC
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Fri, 2011-04-08 10:30 - 14:30

Misguided Goddess is an art exhibition by Vancouver painter Marina Mikulic and photographer Jamie Hodge.

Styling by Tasha Defazio.

Make-up by Elizabeth Macleod, Joslyn Francis, Carrie- Anne Bailey, Chantelle Nicholls, Jessica w. Neujeim and Kyla Charney.

Event planning and coordinating by Alexandra Woodyer — Brilliant Events

Production assistance and marketing by Grace Helfrich — Pelican Studios

Featuring a live film of the creation of "Misguided Goddess" documented and produced by Chas Woodyer.

MISGUIDED GODDESS — A Collaboration, is an Exhibit of artists using the mediums of traditional artwork, photography, and film in order to truly document the creative process. The show will be held at the VIVO MEDIA ARTS CENTRE on Friday April 8, 2011 from 7:30pm until 11:00pm and will feature the artists work, a video presentation at 9:00pm about the inspiration and creative process behind MISGUIDED GODDESS and a silent auction. All proceeds from the show and silent auction will go to FUCK CANCER (www.letsfcancer.com).

The show will not only shine a light on a group of like minded local artists but it will showcase a film, by Chas Woodyer, highlighting the creative process of how the artists created the show itself. The exhibit features local Vancouver photographer Jamie Hodge and fine artist Marina Mikulic and includes other local contributing artists who were inspired by MISGUIDED GODDESS - Ryan Klasen, Dave McGhee, Rheanna Fancypants and Rebecca Amber.

The imaginative muse behind the collaboration is a, 'MISGUIDED GODDESS', she is a gorgeous female who takes both the hippie and the rebel form and who displays gypsy like qualities. In many ways reflecting how many of us sometimes are sidetracked from where we should be, sometimes in rebellion and sometimes in true free spirit. The bottom line is to spread a message of living life to the fullest but at the same time acknowledging and enjoying one’s true talents, whatever they may be.