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Chris Maynard has found his medium in bird feathers, oh yeah.... so cool! The sculptures he creates with handed down surgical tool from his father are nothing short of stunning! While keeping the found feathers in their three dimensional form he creates, sometimes by trial and error the most beautiful compositions of positive and negative space without a barb missing! All feathers from the different flocks are legal and from private aviaries and even some have to be approved by federal and state authorities. But don't worry Chris's work is about to take flight in a big way so stick around and see what happens next.

If you are in the Seattle area you can see his...

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Quell 2011: Pigeon feathers, mixed media and antique cabinet 865 x 5470 x 1560 cm.

Lure 2011: Crow feathers, mixed media and antique cabinet 460 x 550 x 1720 mm.

Evacuate 2010: Site-specific installation. Mixed media with feathers (Mallard, goose, peacock, pheasant, teal, woodcock, woodpigeon, quail, grouse, French partridge, turkey and chicken) 400 x 350 x 120 cm (approximately).

Kate MccGwire’s Evacuate [also] plays with the historicism of the mansion - this time focusing on...

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1) Schism Chasm Cataclysm, 2011 - Acrylic on cut paper, papier-mâché, acrylic, wire, wood 23" x 26" x 7"

2) Inverted Continuum, 2008 -  Acrylic on cut paper, acrylic mirror, paper mache, wood 45” x 27” x 10 1/2”

3) The unending amends we've made (imperishable wreath) 2010 - Acrylic on cut paper,papier-mâché, foam, wire, wood 30" x 25" x 6"

4) Moan about the present venerate the past 2010 - Acrylic on cut paper, papier mache, wood 23" x 19" x 5"

5) One Way...

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These things are effing cool.   From the mountains of Washington State Alpine Metal Art hand crafts their sculptural fire pits out of upcycled steel.    Choose from their collection of impressive designs (ranging from cityscapes to starry nights) or brainstorm with the designer and create your own.  

Their simple star design is one of my favorites - shown below as a firepit/bbq (how rad is that?) but also available without the base as a stand alone fire ring.

Alpine also creates other forms of stunning metal art.   Check out their windchimes.    In fact, check out everything they do:  www....

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