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May 25

3x3 Crywolf Clothing

by thecargohteam  | Comment

Stephanie and Rose, besties since high school have taken an idea they started way back in the day and with a lot of hard work and passion have created Crywolf Clothing! Really such a sweet story (you should read all about it here).  We absolutely adore the quirky and loveable creatures that these to create and think their new 2012 line is divine! 

A quote I love from these two go getters:

"A strong DIY attitude has fuelled our work ethic and been our driving force. Our inspiration comes from artists and crafts people who strive to do what they love, do it themselves, and make a living out of it." 

Don't you just want to squeeze them?  Well send them a virtual squeeze today on Twitter and Facebook and tell them how awesome they really are!  Make sure to stop by their Cargoh store and site to see all the other amazing products and illustrations they have available.  Need a dose of inspiration stop by their sweet little blog!

If you are in the Toronto area today or this weekend you stop by the Anime North, Crafter's Corner say hi and pick up some sweet Crywolf swag in person!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!   "Ahh-wooooooo!!!"

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