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If you haven't already heard the buzz about Canada's first and only Design Blogging Conference then listen up!  Blog Podium is happening May 26th in Toronto and if you are a Design Blogger you're gonna want to be there.  The founders Jennifer Flores of Rambling Reno, Lindsay Stephenson of Little House Blog and The Penny Paper Co. have an amazing day planned.

Learn great tips like how to connect with brands, getting your blog noticed in the media, how to advertise on your blog, tips on blogging and many more that will help boost your brand and business. 

Whether you're new to the game or a pro, this is gonna be a great place to network with...

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So I'm sure you have been hearing all the buzz going around about the coolest design and lifestyle blogger conference on the planet!  If you haven't, you are missing out, so read on... Altitude Design Summit is literally the best design and lifestyle blogger conference on the planet, nestled into the snowy mountains in Salt Lake City starting on January 18th through the 21st of 2011!  If you love to blog, write, be inspired, learn and meet your favorite bloggers you can't miss this event and now you have an opportunity to do that.  Check the list of speakers so far!

So here's the deal!  You can win FREE registration (worth $395) to the conference if your design is chosen to be printed on the Alt Summit welcome bag.  How cool would that be? You're at a conference and everyone is sporting your design?...

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Native shoes has got to be one of the funnest brands out there today! Their marketing is just plain old fun. And their shoes are pretty rad too!







You can buy them on their website...

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This passive ceramic amplifier is nothing short if breathtaking! Designed by Italian designers en&is, it combines brilliant modern lines with old school methods of amplification. Built for iPhone and iPod, it has no mechanics what-so-ever.


{via Design Boom}


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Think museums are stuffy and boring ~ think again! These fake posters were done as a school ad project by Jenny Burrows and Matt Kapler, and they absolutely nailed it! Unfortunately the famous museum they were designed for didn't think they were so hot, and made them change the logo and copy at the bottom to read "Museums".

{via Design Milk}

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You're all creative people! If you're like me you have a lot of art projects, found objects, or half finished ideas lying around the house. Here's your chance to trade in all that stuff for some unreal furniture from Blu Dot

The modern furniture designer is looking for talents, devices, oddities, deeds, taxidermy, collections, crafts and whatnot in exchange for pretty much anything from their line with their online swap meet!

Below are some of the excepted swaps:

And this dude will even absolve all...

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Graphic Designer, Art Director, Comic Book Artist and Writer - all in a days work for Steve Morris. And you thought tweeting was hard....

FF#:Steve, when did you become a "full grown" artist?

SM:I don’t remember a time when I didn’t consider myself a “full grown” artist, it’s an inescapable state of being for me.

#FF:What made you jump on the independent artist wagon?

SM:Like most artists, I have ideas and stories I want to relate, and the only way to do this is to strike out on one’s own path and terms.However, I think being independent is less of a choice and more of a necessity for artists (excluding the industrial/graphic arts), as there aren’t many opportunities to be a “dependent” one.

#FF:Where do all of your "characters" come from?


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One of the many great creative people we met in Salt Lake City at Alt Summit was Ali from the Makerie.

Ever get that nostalgic feeling in the pit of your stomach when something triggers a wonderful memory from you childhood? Yeah, me too. The Makerie plans to bring all those memories to the surface and satisfy them with a weekend retreat spent making things. Anything from shoe making to Yoga, you will spend your days nestled in the Colorado Rockies exploring your creative self.

And the best part is, the weekend is wrapped up with a curated handmade market, open to the public, filled with the awesomeness from the retreat. Come on! This adult camp was made for you!

Their website is super informative, so check it out here.

Or hit them up on Twitter or...

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I am going to start this off by saying that Alt Summit was one of the most surprising and inspirational experiences we have ever had! But it didn't start that way. Our trip to Salt Lake City was a last minute decision based mostly around hooking up with our good friend The 818 and her hubby (co-founder of Alt Summit Boys Club)! And let's face it, what better way to write off a vacation than to spend a couple hours at a conference for good measure!

So as I relunctantly crawled out of the super comfortable Grand America bed on the morning of day 1, I figured I could stumble downstairs, grab some snacks and then maybe sneak out of there. As I entered the main ballroom area, all my fears were confirmed. I was the only guy in sight! I was swimming in a sea of good looking, well dressed, smart women, and one of them was my lovely and talented...

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