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Use your words... something we constantly hear parents reprimanding to their children. Well designer Alayna from Piano Bench Designs is taking that to a whole new level with her brilliant gold and silver cursive jewelry line. Make a statement, say whats on your mind or carry a little bit of inspiration around your neck to catch the eye of an onlooker. She also does custom lettering so if you want something extra special just ask!

We hope you love Piano Bench...

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This week we are shining our bright indie light beam towards Lulu Bug Jewelry, let the good times with doggies and Queen Latifah begin...

#FF: What was the birthing process behind lulu bug designs?

I've worked in jewelry manufacturing and design since 1992, but always for someone else. I was extremely unhappy at my last job (I was the designer for a small jewelry manufacturer) and started doing my own work again just for fun. That was about 3 years ago and now here I am, fully self employed and quite happy! It was not my intention when I started making my own jewelry again.

#FF Wow, I think we oughta gather all of these experiences and write an encyclopedia for inspiration! How old is Lulu bug (the doggie)? Any special tricks she performs?

Lulu Bug is 5 years old, and she will occasionally sit when told, and might shake hands if she's in the mood, but she mostly just runs around being cute.


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