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These beautiful dreamlike landscapes cut out of paper are created by French designer Maud Vantours. With big clients like Yves Saint Laurent and Lancome we are sure to see more wonderful multicoloured sculptures from Maud. The 3D paper sculptures are part of one of her series she has created, but you must check out all of her work, which include an accessory line of iphone cases and handbags.

We love your work Maud!

(all photos are from

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Twenty Seven Names is a New Zealand label founded by Designers Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart. Both designers use art as their start point, the rest just flows.


For their Winter collection they designed a lookbook using the images above where they managed to marry fashion and art. I think these pictures could be great inspiration for all of you indie designers! Who says that similar patterns on clothing and walls can't cohabit in the...

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