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Zoe is a contemporary artist known for her unique approach to form and colour. She works with a broad client base to create ambitious, site-specific commissions, while exhibiting her paintings in solo and group shows internationally. She is also a sought-after consultant, speaker and curator drawing innovative connections between today’s market and how buyers are collecting art.

An amazing mom, entrepreneur and wild optimist currently traveling and working in SE Asia, but based in Vancouver, Canada.

Thanks Zoe for your lovely Curated Collection and for sharing a bit about...

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Today's collection, called Modern Home and Lifestyle, comes from incredibly talented and extremely well-respected Interior Designer Gaile Guevara.  This lady has some mad skills! She designs custom contemporary spaces for clients, and we know from experience that her kitchens are world class! She lives her life with a certain design aesthetic that very few people can pull off and she does it in style.  Interior Designer by day and photographer by night, we're pretty sure you'll be as impressed with her work (and collection) as we are!

Gaile's photography site and blog!...

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Today's Curated Collection called Colorful Products for Happy Living comes from the lovely Capree Kimball, who blogs about modern design over at MAIYA - My Adventure is Your Adventure. We're super excited to have such a pretty lady and talented writer share her taste with us on Cargoh!  When Capree isn't refinishing cabinets (see her project in the works) or just being awesome, you can also find her on GrassrootsModern,...

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