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Jan 24

The Alt Summit Aftermath 2012

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Wow, Alt Summit knocked our socks off again this year!  After the information overload/Alt Summit high, we are finally recovering from our conference coma (well put, Amy of Old Sweet Song)!  2011 was full of so many amazing moments, people, and conversations that inspired the pants off of us (not literally)! We were extremely excited to be sponsoring this years event.  The Cargoh crew started off in Reno, NV also know as the receiving department for the amazing gifts Cargoh's designers provided for the Thursday keynote luncheon (more on that later).  With a U-Haul full of goodies and an 8 hour drive ahead of us, we were on the road and excited for the adventures ahead.

We were very excited to host a dinner at Frida Bistro on Wednesday night for some super talented peeps.  Friends, some old, some new, joined us for an evening of tasty margarita's and SLC's best Mexican food (the Carnita's was to die for).  The atmosphere and staff where absolutely amazing, thanks so much to the Frida crew!  Also a special thanks to Zoe Pawlak, Vancouver based artist who painted a beautiful piece of Salt Lake's landscape on mylar in one continuous painting and made them into a custom mini piece for each of our dinner guests!  They were just as spectacular as you, Zoe!

Thursday was the first day of the conference and Cargoh's "big day" to shine!  We were super excited to be the main sponsors for the luncheon and host speakers Pitar Guzman the Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Living, Deborah Needleman the Editor-in-Chief of The Wall Street Journal and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan the Editor-in-Chief of Apartment Therapy. We couldn't be happier with the outcome, thanks so much Alt Summit crew for including us.  Also a big thanks to all of our Cargoh family and super designers for making it such a smash, we couldn't of done it without you!  Check out attendee's with their Cargoh swag here, don't forget to tag yourself!  If you didn't get a chance to connect with the designer of your gift, you can find them here, in the list of designers at Alt.  They would love to know where their gifts landed.  Tweet @cargoh, Post on our Facebook wall or email us [email protected] and we will make sure ya'll connect! 

We also had another fun announcement we wanted to share with you.  Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator spoke on a panel called Successful Collaborations with Bri Emory of Design Love Fest, Joslyn Taylor of Simple Lovely and Victoria Smith of SFGirlbyBay and announced her new workshops called "Girl Crush"!  Art Workshop + Tea Party in four cities... need we say more?  Join Lisa Congdon in San Francisco, Samantah French in New York, Lisa Golightly in Portland and Alyson Fox in Austin.  You can sign up here for your city of choice, but hurry, spots are going fast!

All white all night was the name of the game at the "Winter Wonderland" party hosted by Alt.  The room was filled with beautiful outfits, delicious food and snow cones and those were just a few of the highlights of the night!

Friday was another stellar day. At this point your head is overflowing with so much juicy information and inspiration it feels like it's gonna explode.  I had the opportunity to sit in the panel called "Building a Personal Brand" with panelists: Camille Styles, Cassandra Lavelle of Coco & Kelley, Hunter Sebresos of Dyvergent Design and Photographer Jasmine Star (who by the way is a total powerhouse)!  Right next door to us was the panel on "Up and Coming Blogs" and our favorite Cargoh writer and intern Gabriel's blog was on the list!  That's right... you better check it out, Artful Desperado is making waves in the blogging world!  We are so proud of how far you have come in such a short time, ESL challenges and all. 

Lunch was followed by keynote speaker and Alt Summit God, Ben Silbermann of Pinterest!  A highlight at Alt for sure. I mean I do spend my most productive hours of the day pinning!  In the words of Charlie Sheen, I'm bi-pinning! (I am sooooo sorry for that ridiculous joke…couldn't help myself).

Just after the days panels, Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind announced one of her famous "Resource Parties". 50 or so eager bloggers standing in a giant circle, helping each other out is a sight to be seen.  If you haven't ever been to one of these, you need to, it'll change your life!  Thanks Erin!

Oh, and I won something (I never win anything)!  I am the proud new owner of this amazing Epiphanie camera bag known as the Clover!  Let me tell you, I have needed something like this for so long. The contest gods must of known when they pulled my business card of the hat, or I can just thank Maile the special lady in charge.  Just take a look at the before and after, amazing right?!  These bags are such beauties, and so well constucted, I'm in love.  Thank you so much, I couldn't be more excited, and can't wait to rock my new bag everywhere I go!

Friday night was mini party time! I could go into detail about the nine beautifully themed rooms, the outstanding outfits and the delicious drinks…but I think the photos tell it best!

Saturday was filled with fun workshops, tours, a trip to the mountain for that famous Utah powder and Sundance Film Festival.  I had the pleasure of taking Printmaking with Eva and her team of Sycamore Street Press, which is way harder than you think!  There were so many great classes going on like Cut Paper Crafts with Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut, Building a Killer Portfolio Website, Tabletop Photography, Photoshop for Bloggers, Video Blogging, Watercolor, and, well, you get the picture.

So as you can tell we had the best time ever and can't wait to go back in 2013!  We are even more excited that Alt will be launching their Alt Channel on February 1st with weekly sessions taught by your favorite influencers.  Check out how you can sign up here!  It's like being at Alt all year round, what's better than that!

*all professional photography was from here, a big thanks to Justin Hackworkth, b.a.d photography and Moss and Issac.


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