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Aug 23

new digital digs from gina michele

by thecargohteam  | Comment

As the digital world takes over, more and more options are becoming available to artists and designers through technology to take their ideas and transform them onto multiple surfaces.  Today we introduce the lovely and fashionable designs from Gina Michele. You can see she has taken all those majestic images you love lurking around Pinterest, and has turned them into a wearable art form, pretty darn smart right!  We are totally digging the shops new designs!

1) "Oil Spill” Digital printed silk with image of an oil spill, from Italy
2) "Tahitian Sun” Digital printed rayon/spandex
3) "Marbled Rose” Digital printed silk with abstract roses, from Italy
4) “Brushstroke” Digital printed silk with image of an paint brushstrokes, from Italy
5) “Feather" Digital printed silk with abstract feathers, from Italy

Wither you are attending a charitable event that is supporting the latest oil spill cleanup or a posh art gallery opening, this girl has you covered, you’ll definitely be the conversation piece at the party!

Check out more of Gina's digital dresses in her store and follow her on Twitter for her latest creations!

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