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Nov 8

Taco Hat TV

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Not only do we love taco’s here at Cargoh, we really love Taco Hat TV, and we know you will too.  Our friends Kim and Ben have an amazing idea on the go and they need our help raising funds through their Indiegogo campaign. There is only 6 days left to contribute and make this brilliant DIY tv channel come to life in full force.

We know you wanna help and get to know more about this talented taco, right?  Here’s the details, get ready to get excited, we can’t wait!

The Taco Lowdown... 

Taco Hat TV is a web show for curious people and makers. Where most DIY (do it yourself) shows try to cram instructions on how to make a particular project into a ridiculously short segment, our show is about teaching you skills and know-how you can use however you want. Our not-so-short segments (that aren't too long!) will be full of information that isn't rushed. By focusing on the fundamentals of various kinds of skills, we'll arm you (and ourselves, let's be honest), with a solid foundation for getting started, and enough knowledge to figure out what questions to ask next.

Like, instead of spending four minutes showing you how to bake a cake from start to finish (fake oven and all!), we'll spend an episode teaching you the basics of how baking works so you'll be more comfortable tweaking recipes however you want, or we'll introduce the basic concepts of electrical wiring so you can fix a broken lamp yourself.

We call it "why to" instead of "how to". Why do it yourself? Because now you'll know how. Or at least you'll have a solid enough foundation that you'll feel equipped to go learn more.

(Learn more about our approach to "why to" in our video update about it.)

Each episode will be about eight minutes long – long enough to get into the meat of the topic and short enough to watch all the way through in one sitting even if you're frequently interrupted by your kids, your co-workers, your cat, or even if you're a chain smoker.

This first series of eight episodes is like our pilot season. With your help, we'll shoot the episodes in early December (tentative timeline), spend a couple months in editing and post-production, and launch on our YouTube channel in the early spring of 2013. We'll release one episode a week for eight weeks, and in the end we'll have a great show and an enthusastic audience (not to be presumptuous or anything) to build on for a second season. (Read: The pilot season is like our proof of concept, which will allow us to establish a sustainable business for future seasons.)

The Taco Wranglers...

Kim will be the host, and her curiosity on camera will be genuine. She's a crafter who's worked in the crafts industry for years, but she doesn't know much of anything about the topics we're going to cover.

Ben will perform the feat of singlehandedly operating two cameras, and he'll also direct the filming.

With wit, humour and great visuals, each episode will present clear, engaging information that's at the core of building a solid set of DIY skills. Our goal is to arm us all with the confidence that comes from understanding enough about something to figure out what questions to ask next.

We want you, dear audience, to be involved in determining the topics we cover (leave comments! tweet and Facebook at us!), so consider this list of episodes a work in progress:

  • Basic clothes mending and altering
  • Soap-making and household cleaning (but fun!)
  • Upholstery basics
  • Fundamentals of cooking
  • Fundamentals of baking
  • Fundamentals of electronics
  • Fundamentals of plants

See all those "fundamentals"? We mean it. We want to know how ingredients interact with each other so we can understand why some foods we make taste great and other dishes are disgusting. We want to be able to substitute one kind of flour for another when we bake, without ruining the muffins. We admit we should have paid more attention in shop class, and we need a refresher about the basics of electronics so we can figure out how to fix or hack our household appliances. Plants? Why do some of us seem cursed with a black thumb? What can plants do for us and what can we do for plants, from decorative houseplants to edible gardening. 

What are you waiting for get over to their Indiegogo campaign to support and read more on what they want to accomplish with the funds raised!  We wish you guys all the luck and lots of taco sauce!


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