The Curator
Tracey Tee Consulting

My name is Tracey Tee.

I am passionate about small business and brands. I love LOVE to support creative and brave people who set out to start their own business. It’s what I’ve done for many years, and it’s what I love to see others do. “Consulting” isn’t quite the right word for what I do. I think my clients would consider it more “business therapy”. And seriously – when you’re running the show and exhausted, stretched too thin, and drained creatively, a therapist is exactly what you need!
{I can help with anything from copy writing to ecommerce management to social media management and Facebook ads. Visit my site to read more.}

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The Collection
Couldn't resist...

A collection of fine goods I just can't resist. My eye is always drawn towards clean, innovative design and I've never seen a rainbow anything I didn't love. In merchandising I always look for items that are beautifully designed and insanely useful, so I guess that mantra plays into my own personal discoveries as well.