The Curator

My name is Samantha Marx.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Drupal girl with the itchiest feet you ever saw.

My day job and hobby is Wedful where I get to make designs and babysit the blog.

I live in the inimitable Cape Town, and I love: colours (all of them except that naffy burgundy red that people always seem to choose for their bath towels, and especially yellow), @hadsie, travel, design (architecture, furniture, web, clothing, jewelry... all of it!), people with big personalities, shoes, animals (especially kittens and cats), and you.

Thank you Sakura Photography for the amazing profile photograph.

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The Collection
Get married in this

I want these things. But since I have only one wedding day, with only one head and one groom to accessorize, I cannot have them all. So you should, because they are stunners.