what it takes


It's free to set up your store. No listing fees, no setup fees, no monthly fees. We simply take 10% of sales. That's it.


Here are a few criteria we're looking at when deciding whether or not a particular seller is right for our marketplace.


This is intentionally vague. If you think your design is great, we want you to share it with us! We're looking for sellers who compliment each others' aesthetic without sacrificing the eclectic feel of our market place. We love to see creative use of materials, appreciate the tongue in cheek, and the more sustainable the better, but none of those things are by any means hard and fast guidelines...great design is what you make of it!


This is intentionally not vague. How you're presenting your work is almost as important as the work itself. You've spent all that time creating those gorgeous [insert product you poured blood sweat and tears into here] don't sell your work short by photographing it with your iPhone. You can see examples of sellers who have done a great job with their photos HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Your shop should have a narrative flow to it - we're not saying you have to stick strictly to jewelry, apparel, or mixed media, but we are looking for sellers who take care in how they're merchandising their shops, and have well-honed specialized skills.


Cargoh strives to provide buyers with an eclectic collection of well designed goods in a balanced marketplace. Unfortunately this means that we might *love* your stuff, but if we've already stocked something very similar, we may not be able to accept you at this time. This doesn't mean you shouldn't apply, it's just something to keep in mind.

Cargoh represents independent brands of all shapes and sizes. Although we are huge lovers of handmade, we are not just a handmade marketplace. We realize you didn't hand make that American Apparel shirt, but as long as you have put your unique stamp on it, we're all good.

Did you know that Cargoh has it's own BLOG? Taking a quick look through our archives, as well as following the founder-curated "Cargoh Loves" section of our site will give you a little insight into the types of things that strike our fancy. If you feel like your work would vibe with the stuff we're talking about on our blogs, then chances are you've got the Cargoh Spirit.

That's it! Those are the basics here at Cargoh.com ~ your destination for indie art, design, and culture on the internet. (and beyond.) (okay not beyond. but still. the WHOLE internet.)